Hot Stuff

SalomarSalomar1 CONFESSION: I finally, finally found a perfect little weekender bag. I've been searching forever. It's simple and roomy and will be perfect for ski weekends or last-minute trips to Dollywood and so on. I'd been drooling over the Betsey Johnson rainbow snakeskin print bag for awhile, but M thought it gauche so eventually I just let it be. This one is admittedly more grown-up and I'm quite pleased with it and myself!

It's otherwise been a lazy, drizzly Sunday of recuperation. We slept for 12 hours straight last night, and a little while after breakfast M suggested that we make beef stew, so I modified the recipe at with brisket and some extras like EVOO, whole cloves of garlic, thyme and oregano, red bell pepper, a bit of butter and - most importantly - Guinness. It turned out beautifully, especially with the soft loaf of french bread we bought just for dipping. We are positively stuffed, but there's a mini-batch of homemade shortbread baking as I type this (another tomboy request), which we'll have with some Mexican hot chocolate garnished with fresh, fluffy homemade almond marshmallows sent to us by a dear friend (and avid FFAF reader!).