Hot Damn!

Hot damn, y'all, it's Friday! A pretty one, too, at least here in San Francisco, which means I ought to be sipping sangria at Cafe Flore, not sitting here in my workout clothes after combining a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Boot Camp workout with one of Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred sessions. (In case you're wondering why in God's name I'd do such an awful thing, it's because I totally punked out on an awesome Bikram Yoga deal yesterday - 20 sessions for $20! I could faint! I hate wearing sports bras! Someone might accidentally sweat on me! It might smell really, really bad! I'd have to buy a yoga mat, and I have no idea where one does that! See?! SO HARD. If you have strong feelings about it, however, feel free to try and convince me - I might scoop up the next deal I see instead of losing my nerve like a chickenshit so-and-so!)

By the way, did you know Kim Kardashian has OnDemand Fitness videos? She's kind of sad and apologizes a lot, and wears a ton of make-up AND a corset during workouts. Maybe it's meant to be more like soft core porn than anything...uh...effective.

Choosing is hard!

In easier, breezier news, we're headed to the charming wine country town of Healdsburg for some much-needed family time and a change of scenery this weekend. I haven't seen my folks there in ages and I miss them terribly. It's supposed to rain, but I'm holding out hope that the weather will continue to be kind to us!

PS. Not sure which loser setting my camera was on that it took such PALE pictures of me, with such insanely comic book blue-black hair, but I'll try to avoid it in the future. For all our sakes.