Horsin' Around

I'm sitting here writing up this old blog post and M is playing Red Dead Redemption, which has raised my eyebrow in a disapproving manner on more than one occasion, I'll have you know. She is determined to beat one more game before the end of year, given the fact that she'll have had her PS3 for six months and will only have beaten one measly game (with MY help, thank you very much also WE MISS YOU LOST PLANET II). Too bad all the tomboys who'd play with her live in such far-flung places as SLC and Boston.

Did I not tell you that this scarf matches my dress in a borderline creepy way? In case you missed it from my other post, her mama knitted all three of us a beautiful scarf, just because. The petite's was bright red, mine was chartreuse, and this is M's! I have the feeling we'll all be playing musical scarves this winter. They're all fabulous. I lucked out because Grandma Medina also knitted me a lovely burnt orange scarf as well, also chenille. Hooray!

I never would have pegged M to pluck a GOLDENROD wool sweater off the rack at H&M, but she sure did, and it ended up being absolutely perfect with this vintage Salvatore Ferragamo tie, with the little lions and regal bugles. She paired them with an Elie Tahari dress shirt, Zara slacks and her trusty Asos brogues. (The belt is also from H&M.)

We hope y'all liked these Turkey Day photos as much as we do, and that your leftovers lasted longer than ours did (they were all gone by Sunday). I am swinging by my little brother's office tomorrow to drop off his phone - silly fool left it in my car on the way home Thursday night - and one of our pumpkin cheesecakes, because we do NOT need to eat all three by ourselves. In other news, I was tickled pink to find the latest issue of Horse Illustrated (I didn't even know such a thing existed) in my mailbox, an early Christmas gift from my folks! So sweet!

I also think I've settled on some nice DIY gifts for folks come Christmastime: Grandma Jones's fresh-baked shortbread, and homemade bourbon caramel sauce and spiced pear-infused vodka. One year the petite and I also made our own wrapping paper, with some rad shaped sponges, beautiful paints, plain brown wrapping paper - and glitter, of course! I'd love to do that again, too. Do you guys ever do homemade or DIY presents? I wanna hear all about 'em!

Here's a few more of the two of us goofin' around: