Pony Tale

Saturday, November 12th. Even though we were five minutes late to our riding lesson, we still got to putz around the stables to say hello to some ponies, some puppies, and anything else adorable on four legs, while the instructors waited for the other scheduled pairs to arrive. I felt real sorry for the lady who showed up in an absolutely gorgeous pair of brown suede boots - since it'd been raining in the days just prior, the grounds were a muddy mess!

These little guys were totally photo bombing our jam! So cute. The big b/w guy's name is Chimichanga, so we bonded with him especially. (Our dingo's name is Chipotle, also Taco-Fiesta on some days.) Don't you think he looks like a boxer, or at least a boxer mix? I think so, M thinks he needs to be bigger. Maybe he's a youngun!

The lesson included some very basic care and grooming. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I love grooming horses. It's very relaxing, and they are such grateful lovebugs about it - well, some of them are. I started out with this sweetheart Olivia, who was absolutely covered in mud, and by the end she was all shiny and gleaming and as clean as can be without an actual hose and bucket of soap. They had to switch me to a different horse in order to hand Olivia off to another rider, so I ended up giving Dance a good scrub, too. Dance was a hair bigger than Dakota, the horse I've been riding all year long, but a real prince.

M had Rocky, who HATES being groomed. He kicked the fence post, stomped around, mashed himself against the fence, bit M's puffer vest, and would try to bite at the rope keeping him tethered to one spot. Naughty! He more than made up for it in the arena, though, M said he was super awesome in the arena. Hooray!

I wore my riding pants and boots (because I mean business), but it was chilly, so I threw on my Ralph Lauren wool turtleneck with the suede patches, and my H&M L.O.G.G. blazer over it. M had on her trusty Levi's and vintage cowboy boots, paired with a super thin Zara sweater and her H&M puffer vest. She definitely was dressed to ride, unlike the poor dude who showed up in his sneakers (which were also completely trashed by the end of the day).

That's about it, y'all! This post is 23 minutes late, so I'll leave you with a few pictures of us actually riding and wish you a goodnight!