Haute Chocolate

I. I'm afraid I'm at a loss for words, so I'll just post some old ones I've written and that'll be that. This is early 2008, maybe?

We caught that fat, pretty moon on the way home to Oakland, just as dusk was putting on her coat to call it a night herself. The windows of all the buildings ahead were that inky twilight blue I love; the vague, last breaths of sunset still smarting off the bay to our right, and all that goddamn fog lurking like a herd of buffalo at the Golden Gate. I wanted to hug it. M wanted to eat it. The petite just looked and looked.

II. Some things M said to me five or six years ago, long before we were all married and whatnot:

  • Why, Ms Jones, there isn't anywhere on earth we could go to where you hair wouldn't look absolutely perfect! Let's find a globe, spin it really fast, and point somewhere! If it's somewhere unfortunate, we'll ignore it, do-over!
  • Today, when I picked up the dry cleaning, it looked like your dress was dancing amidst my fancy pants. I can only imagine all of the dry cleaning is dirty again.
  • I just wanna watch you dance, and maybe brush your hair!
  • I remember the time we slept in a twin bed because your luggage and accessories took up the entire second bed. You had the nerve to steal all of the sheet, even in a twin bed! Then I remembered that you give excellent foam party lap dances, so I let you keep it. In the morning, you 'sh sh sh-ed' me when I asked what time it was, even though we had already missed two flights out of Spain! We miraculously made it on the flight, and even got bumped up to first class. We were going to pretend to be newlyweds to score free champagne, but we didn't have to!
  • You're so feisty. Just for that, I'm going to trial and error all over your pretty shoes.
  • You are owed a lifetime of wishes by the nights' stars. I am here to deliver them.

It still makes my heart skip, tumbling over all her little words.

She is charming, no?

III. On combining our books:

M & I combined our books a long time ago. For any other bibliophiles out there, you realize this is no small act of love. It's more of a colossal commitment; there's an unprecedented intimacy to the merging of all those sheets, my spines leaning against her spines, the resulting language perfect - haunting, honest harmonies created from these small, significant representations of who we are and what we like and dream of and also who we hope, one day, to be.

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