Happy Holidays!

The rain we'd all been warned about never came, and so last night we drove to a nearby lot to get our Christmas tree this year. Given our grand new 12' ceiling, we decided anything less than an 8' tree would be dwarfed in the living room. The storms had ushered in slightly warmer weather, thankfully, and I got to prance around in bare legs and little else, save my new Tulle coat! When one of the nice gentlemen came over to ask if we needed help, I said very seriously, "Yes, we need something very tall and very skinny," and he shrugged his shoulders, trying not to laugh at my impossible request. So here we are, with our big fat round and tall one. I love it so. It smells divine. I strung it with seven sets of lights and it needs at least two more (at least!), so we'll get finished with decorating it tomorrow evening.

And then the baking parade shall begin. Shortbread, gingerbread houses, chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, more pumpkin muffins with pumpkin ice cream, even!

In case you can't tell, I have a whole bunch of Christmas spirit. I bought the Glee Christmas Soundtrack today, and I am going to listen to the gays sing Baby, It's Cold Outside 84,000 times.

I hope you all have a most beautiful and enchanted holiday season.

All my love,