Joyeux anniversaire!

Collages35 CONFESSION: Goodness gracious, I really hope y'all like the new and greatly improved Fit For A Femme! We've got our own URL, our own totally original design with artwork by yours truly and all things technical and magical by M. True, I did some coding but the truly heavy lifting is all tomboy and I owe many, many thanks for all her hard work helping to make FFAF fly. We've been sneakily sneaking around for about a month to get this baby all shiny and new, and it's been particularly impossible to keep quiet about it this last week or so!

It's a little bit crazy to think how it's been an entire year since my first blog post, but here we are. 189 blog posts, 365 days, 1230 comments and tens of thousands of page views later, and still going strong. I love you guys for reading and sharing and ranting and loving with me here - this just wouldn't be worth it without y'all! Thanks for everything, kittens. I heart!

A couple of notes:

  • If we've accidentally dropped your link(s) in the new blogroll or you want to be added, speak up!
  • See anything quirky or weird or wonky in the formatting? Please leave a comment or email me.
  • We're also working on finding an easy way to get folks back "home" from anywhere on the blog. Hang in there!