Handsome Baby Chick

Guess who went and got herself sick on a Monday, y'all? THE TOMBOY. The day started well enough (boydiditever), but by 3pm she was down for the count with body aches, a sore throat and head congestion, and when I got home from work she was in bed napping.

I've been trying to nurse her back all night long, with potato soup and soft, sweet French bread and jasmine green tea (alright, let's face it - a little bit of bourbon with lemon and honey), and she's currently buried under the white, 100-lb. knit Ralph Lauren "hospital blanket" on the couch. Wish her well soon, would you? She needs it!

These pictures - if you can't already tell by the brick - were taken on the same day as my Bric-a-Brac post. I love the casual-but-dapper vibe she's rocking here, especially when you're hard-pressed to find a fancy dyke wandering around SF on a Saturday (and especially rare in North Beach). The fact that she rocked those bright yellow socks still kills me. So brazen, so excellent with the bowtie!

Linen pants: H&M Dress shirt: She has no idea. There are many. Sweater: Calvin Klein Shoes: Aldo Bowtie/Socks: Ralph Lauren

PS. She made me title this post like this because her hair, above, looks like soft, fuzzy handsome baby chick hair. Fur? Feathers. You get it. CUTE.


Autostraddle hand-picked yours truly for this year's hot 100! Hooray! Check the whole shebang out here - there are lots and lots of smart hotties and hot hotties and talented hotties and who knows what else hotties, all for you to peruse at your leisure. The emphasis this year was on REAL GAY HOTTIES, so I'm honored and in good company and happy to see some friends of FFAF there as well!