Hey, girl. I'm wearing two shades of denim, standing next to pulp lesbian art, and I've got freshly baked pumpkin cheesecakes in the oven. What's up? KIDDING. I'm so delirious. We've been semi-delirious all day long, and it's officially Thanksgiving, so forgive my brevity. Just look at all the pictures!

Also, please forgive the hideous lighting. We were too busy running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day long and missed all the sky light (can't call it sun, it was dark and grey all day). I'm standing in the area we fondly refer to as my "wall of inspiration", or where I stick all the pictures of outfits that I like on my way to the closet. That black thing is full of jewelry, and the tray on top holds most of my full-sized bottles of perfume (and a lone Stila palette).

I loved this outfit for running around! James Jeans denim, a chambray shirt from H&M's L.O.G.G. line, and my vintage brogues, topped off with my natty little coat from H&M. I love the pink lining. It's major femme realness! I had to roll the cuffs up like 5 times to get them how I like them. I need someone to teach me the trick to the "messy, haphazard" cuff.

We've got a fire going and Gone with the Wind is on. It's kind of heaven!

My candy apple red satchel from...Target! It's a great size, barely fits my wallet, phone and a book. Peep the fantastical, tweed-y elbow patches on the shirt! And my fancy nails! That's my same Citizen watch and Made Her Think cuff, and a BCBG ring.

I'm sure somewhere there's a rule against hanging your bras up like this, but I kind of don't give a fuck. I love it! It's much less fussy than an orderly drawer, plus it's my damn bedroom and if I want all my sexy bras out and about, SO WHAT. (It does make taking house guests out to the balcony to enjoy a fine cigar slightly awkward, but who even notices when you're drunk enough?! EXACTLY!)

The tomboy has feelings about this, but she's not telling.

Happy Thanksgiving, kittens! I hope it's dreamy.