Gun Racks, Hounds & Bright Blue Skies

TOMBOY CONFESSION: M has said that her confession would only wax poetic about ham or sweet potato pie or my deliciously festive sparkling Cosmopolitan cocktails from Christmas, so I guess I'll say a few words in her stead. We are both VERY excited about the gun rack my brother and his girlfriend so thoughtfully gave us for Christmas. She keeps fussing with her hair, y'all, saying it's already gotten too long, despite the fact that it's only been three weeks since she had it cut. Tomboys!

A bit about this blazer: M found it without much ado at our favorite neighborhood thrift store, for five gay bucks and in pristine condition. Turns out it's from a little place in San Francisco that's been in business for over 35 years, The Hound Shop. The embroidered label on the inside says "Tailored for the Montgomery Street Man" and has a great hound in the center - it's really fantastic. She did a dapper job pairing it with this vintage striped, flat-bottom tie I got her two Christmases ago, I think.

FEMME CONFESSION: I really, really, really love this dress! Another epic thrift store find - it must have been somewhere between $3-$5, tops. From the fluttery little sleeves to the deep pinks and reds to the cut and wearability - it's almost perfect. I have to try it in some va-va-voom heels and decide whether or not the hem needs to come up a couple of inches. I tossed the beret on as an afterthought on our way out of the door and it really made the buttoned-up look (though the weather was so agreeable, I didn't need the coat at all).

Long story short, it was a very brilliant Christmas - cozy and raucous and abundant in the best ways - with a very full house, wonderful surprises, lots of incredible food and loved ones. My mother had several silly games with awesome prizes for us to play, including a 2-page, multiple choice Christmas trivia quiz in red and green ink that had us all in stitches (M had the lowest score of everyone, even the foreigners - it was hilarious). Nearly everyone teared up when I opened my mom's gift to me - several sets of my beloved Grandma's gorgeous vintage jewelry - I was astonished! Amazed and so, so touched.

Some festive Christmas pics below: