Goth 'n' Roll

Yesterday was so strange and wonderful! I decided to tag-along with the tomboy to her nerdy little conference in downtown SF, and we agreed to meet for lunch at 2PM. She walked me to farm : table in that bright, sunny cold feel that Fall has, and I ordered an au lait with one of their insanely perfect, chocolate-filled pastries and a glass of house-made juice. The space is tiny and if you're lucky enough to snag a seat at their community table indoors, definitely do so! I shed my coat - it warms up in there quickly - pulled a book out of my bag and sat there for nearly two hours before I decided to take a walk and kill some time window-shopping before meeting M.

Two gem-toned velvet t-shirts, one woolly "Charlie Brown" dress, and a fuzzy, ivory faux fur vest later, I slid into a cozy booth across from M, who chatted on happily about the sessions she'd attended that morning, and how she was almost late because Occupy SF was blocking streets on the way over (and it appears that SFPD was very busy from appx. 10PM-3AM last night, disbanding the camp with more than questionable methods, unfortunately). We ordered cocktails and some pub fare (including some of the most fantastic pub cheese I've ever had) and the next thing I knew, M was grinning slyly and suggesting that we blow the joint. So we did!

We didn't hear about the sad news of Steve Jobs' death until much later, when we were at home catching up on the daily goings-on.

OK! I wanted to wear this big, dramatic vintage wool skirt, but in a casual way. I decided to throw on this super thin, faded tank I got in a magazine in the UK (Reiss, I think?), a shrunken denim vest, and sexy, studded ankle boots. The vest used to be a little denim jacket, but I have too many of those, so off went the sleeves. In the interests of goth 'n' roll, I'm thinking of dyeing it black. M gave me this antique gold necklace as well as the gorgeous snakeskin bag, and the suede ankle boots are Trouvé.

Tonight night we're off to the Mountain Winery to see the legendary Stevie Nicks live. Remember how it was our anniversary a few weeks back? Well, the traditional gift for three years is crystal, and since M adores her, I figured there's really nothing more crystal than Stevie Nicks, is there? The venue is magical, especially at nightfall, and with a bit of special femme magic, we have outstanding sixth row seats. The show was supposed to be last night, but they moved it on account of our tiny baby storm system, so off we go! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'LL WEAR. Talk about pressure. What would y'all wear to a Stevie show (or what HAVE you worn)?