Golden Brown

Last night after tasty cocktails and fried chicken at Pican, we saw Bright Eyes perform at the beautiful old Fox Theater in downtown Oakland. It was our first time at the venue, though it's been open for a year or more, at least. Maybe two, who can say? For all its opulence and lavish tucks and corners, the most striking thing for me was this immense wall of ancient switches and levers in the Den, the bar and lounge inside of the Fox, some lit up, most not. M was shocked that I didn't fuss with them, but I was so completely in awe that I instantly backed away from it, distrustful of my ability to let them be.

Conor was beautiful, the set was incredible, I could have fallen asleep in my own tears and M's arms with Road to Joy crashing all around me forever, I really could have. I don't know how he manages to appear more fragile and delicate and marvelous with time, but bless his sweet, awful bleeding heart.

PS. The bangs are back. I couldn't stand it and then there's the Boston wedding and that dress which insists, insists, on one last go of it. Damn it. When something that good wants one last go of it, what are you going to do? You're going to sigh in defeat, snatch the closest pair of scissors, shut your wide eyes and pray to Dolly. (And then the next day you will march your homo ass to the closest, most reputable salon and make them clean up the mess you've made of things.) That's that, then, isn't it?

I am really, really happy with all of the lovely comments from my last post! It was brilliant to hear who's from where and what's unique and rad about where you're from. If you haven't seen them, pop over and weigh in or just peruse. Since then we've had some ridiculous, short-lived rain and then it was back to the low 60s. We're slowly but steadily creeping into Spring. It was chilly the night of the show, so I paired some heavy duty tights with this skirt and the vintage lace and sequin blouse, and topped the whole shebang off with my new leather jacket. Honestly, it wasn't nearly enough to keep me warm enough on Oakland's breezy streets - I should have had a chunky scarf on with a hat or some fingerless gloves or something.

Pleated Skirt: The Gap Blouse: Vintage Perforated Lambskin Leather Jacket: Elie Tahari Leather Pouch: Modcloth Necklace: Banana Republic Ring: H&M Suede + Gold Bracelet: Lori's Shoes Boots: Nine West Watch: Citizen Shades: Ray Bans

If maybe you feel like watching the video for Golden Brown by The Stranglers, you may do so here.