Go Sharks!

1-IMG_7702 Let's talk about the title of this post. Dapper Q teamed up with the NY Sharks, an Independent Women’s Football League team, to recreate looks inspired by their favorite athlete style icons. It's genius, and they are very well-dressed, these Sharks. I can think of no better way to get motivated on Super Bowl Sunday than to run, don't walk, to that post immediately. (OK, after you're done with this post. Don't be rude!) It's really wonderful.


It was beautiful yesterday - blue skies, not a lick of wind, temps actually in the 40s and not some cruel "feels like 20s" trick - so I went a little nuts and brought the old gams out. It wasn't exactly warm, either, so I made up for it with a nice, hefty wool pencil skirt in colorblock houndstooth and a super soft wool blend sweater, also colorblock, both from J. Crew. We discovered a tasty new brunch spot but the best part was finishing our meal early and lounging on a dock on the very, very frozen Charles River, where we could stomp our feet on the thick ice and listen to the massive cracks split and watch the seagulls and geese walk on water, all with the blessed sunshine on our faces. 



Baubles! This bracelet is an oldie but goodie from Lori's in Chicago, and the great big statement necklace with tortoiseshell, turquoise, crystals and a dash of warm violet is from J. Crew. The smaller barrel pendant necklace was a Christmas gift from the petite, and is by Michael Kors. A classic Levi's denim jacket was the perfect piece to make this outfit weekend casual. This is more or less what my hair looks like air-dried, and I didn't want to fuss with it so I just scooped a little into a 60s inspired mini-beehive.


I'm still figuring out the best way to shoot in the light-filled guest room. I hung the flower crowns we made over the summer on the wall over a gauzy lace shawl I found thrifting, and then dyed with black tea to give the stark white material some character and depth.



These are my cheeky, super bright Chromatic Gallerie pumps! They're unbelievably cushy and I'm sad I didn't snag more pairs before they closed last year. But at least I've got one, and a very cheery pair at that.


All at once my French lessons and Equine Nutrition class have started up! My French teacher moves at the speed of light - she had us crafting sentences and conjugating verbs by the end of the first class, but thankfully I can take my sweet time with the other course. It's been much too icy and/or cold (the "frostbite can occur within 30 minutes" kind) to ride lately, so it's nice to keep horse-busy with something.

I can't believe it's already February and Super Bowl time! We're picking up a big order of wings and heading out to JP to watch with our pals. It's not too late to download the new Not Buying It app from The Representation Project - the hashtag has trended during the last two Super Bowls and I'd be shocked if it didn't this year as well. What are y'all up to?

Here are some worthwhile links on my radar this week: