Glancing Back

By now I'm sure everyone's had the chance to recover from their New Year's Eve shenanigans and to tailor the first day of 2012 to your individual hopes and dreams. We had a really lovely, quiet evening at home, but I want to hear all about your wild nights out on the town! I thought I'd put together a little "Best Of FFAF" for 2011 since I never quite got around to it last year. It was fun to look back through all the year's outfits and occasions, and especially to see how much I grew to embrace pants in the latter half of 2011!

This morning, we stayed in bed until 11AM, lingering over our morning coffee, and then decided to grab the balmy winter's day by the horns. We took a stroll down Valencia to Good Vibes, had a delicious brunch at Le Zinc - crêpes with warm chocolate sauce and eggs aurore - a very sweet little French bistro in Noe Valley, and it was so gorgeous out that we ate our meal on their lush patio. Our next stop was the Pacifica Pier, and it was an absolutely stunning late afternoon by the water! We've had a mellow evening, made a light salad for dinner, and are settling in to watch a movie. Perfect!

Exactly one year ago, we vowed to "hit the new punching bag (20,000 for M; 10,000 for me), explore more small batch whiskeys, not get groped by TSA, and to throw ourselves into a secret project for 2011. I want to invest more in my studio for FFAF, read a book per week on average, visit the shooting range a few times per year, and ride horses as often as I can afford to." Ambitious!

Perhaps a bit too ambitious, as resolutions can sometimes be. While I can say that reading, riding and consumption of small batch whiskeys were all wildly successful endeavors - especially riding, I never imagined I'd come so far in so short a time, and discovering that weekly lessons weren't out of reach was far more than I dreamed possible - the remainder of the resolutions either changed a little bit or fell by the wayside!

Still, if 2011 set the bar (and that it did), 2012 is poised to break records. We let one hell of a charmed year go in order to usher in another - one I hope is full of just as much love and excitement, plus a few rounds of delicious, deserved change fluttering madly in the wings.

I plan to keep reading and riding as much as possible this year, but will keep shooting guns and prettily lit photos at the top of my priority list! Perhaps the trick is setting deadlines (we're doing the same thing with new tattoos, I think we picked May 31st). TSA and the punching bag can shove it - I give up! - and our secret project has become our #1 goal this year, thus we've decided against setting any formal resolutions for 2012. Eyes on the prize (and that prize is real estate).

What are your goals or resolutions this year? Better health (that seems to be a big one among our friends)? Less drama? Romance? More success, sex, money, friends, hobbies? One friend has vowed to wear more lipstick this year, and I salute her determination with a bold tube of Russian Red!

Wishing you all the best of luck with your 2012 aspirations,