Girls, 'Glades and Goblets of Fire!

Good afternoon, sweet readers! Have you seen the FFAF for LISF action yet? It's magical! Perhaps you remember a little birdie mentioning it in a guest post I wrote for Autostraddle last year, or maybe you're just hearing about it for the first time and thinking to yourself, "WHAT IN THE WORLD!?" Allow me to illuminate:


Basically, it boils down to one gal's desire to create "a blog dedicated to the Queer Women in the San Francisco Bay area," and that's just what it is. A no-frills, gorgeously shot parade of lady gays dwelling in and about my hometown, photographed and curated by the wonderful and talented Cat Perez and her canine cutie pie sidekick, Lola.

I mean, aw. Right?

photo by Cat Perez from

You should bookmark it, like it on Facebook, and you should definitely - if you're in the area for SF Pride and if you're notGET HERE - check out the amazing photo show LISF is putting on at SF's own Lexington Club. It's called STEREO and the playful, tongue-in-cheek, and all too familiar lesbian stereotypes it captures will blow your mind. Here's a sneak preview with some outtakes - I'm not here so you'll just have to come to the opening night party on the 21st to see which silly stereotype I chose (hint: the ponies have nothing to do with it, I swear):

In the meantime, the entire FFAF clan (all three of us) is headed to the other sunshine state for wizardly thrills, exploring the Everglades and soaking up surf 'n space at Cape Canaveral (creepy jellyfish takeover permitting). Hooray for insanely hot weather (high-80s and low-90s), surf lessons, and Butterbeer.

photo from

photo by Cat Perez from

Obviously, the real scene stealers here are these sweet, gorgeous mares (and the Winter Kate dress).

See you this time next week, y'all!