Ghouls & Dolls

Hello, Birdie! Hello, Jonesey! Hello, Part Five of Anna Karenina!

When I first posted about my awesome new book club in early September, well...the past is in the past, darlings. My life only goes one way, and that's forward. Or something. I've learned to ignore the book-themed catcalls and barks of sexual harassment from the vermin at the BART station I arrive at on my way home (honestly, it doesn't matter one whit what you do, girls, they'll find something reprehensible to groan in your direction), and I swan I stood in front of my car door for a full four and a half pages to finish a chapter before unlocking it and getting inside because I could not force myself to stop reading.


I mean, it's obviously been lauded as one of the greatest novels ever written but I know some of y'all are guilty of letting your copies collect dust, so I'm just saying. As our wonderful friends at Autostraddle say, READ ALL THE BOOKS.

Speaking of internets, I recently gave some tips on finding and keeping lesbian friends and you should read it - beyond my own, there are lots of great tips and resources for finding smart, like-minded hotties in your neighborhoods!

Halloween is almost upon us, and aside from our it-sounds-better-to-talk-about-it-than-to-actually-do-it idea of being Rose and Nat from The Real L Word, I'm hard-up for a good costume idea. We've carved a batch of splendid pumpkins, though, and I've customized nearly all of our baby pumpkins. The candy bowl is quivering in anticipation and there are little DIY ghosts swinging in the breeze outside, all spooky-like. What are your plans? (Keep reading for some ideas of where to go in SF and a little FFAF festiveness. )

I know a lot of you have already heard me say this 84,000 times today, but I am really loving this new song by Crystal Castles and Robert Smith (The Cure, but y'all should know that). He sounds perfect, and it's a deliciously gloomy track. It's a cover/remix of a Canadian new wave band's 1983/1984 original Not In Love.

It makes me want to dance on a tiny, smoky, filthy dance floor with too much whiskey and scabby knees under my skirt.

Raw silk tunic: Banana Republic Riding pants: The Gap Belt: Vintage Boots: Donald J. Pliner Earrings: Ancient, but I love the wee pewter disco balls swaying beneath the massive heart!

Now tell me all about your amazing costumes and Halloween plans!!!