Get yr mex on.

Well, hot-cha-cha, wasn't yesterday a doozy? We had temps in the blistering 80s and it gave everyone a mean case of wall-climbing, frenzied Spring fever, multiplied by the great speed of the internets. Even a 3PM Blue Moon blonde at my desk didn't help. I mean, sure, it was refreshing and all, but I still couldn't peel my eyes away from the clock. You'd better believe I tore out of there with lightning speed come quitting time, belted out Neko Case in the car with all the windows down for the whole entire 8-minute drive home, and didn't even bother with the mail. Once I got home, I hollered up the stairs to the petite, "I'm here, wanna go swimming?!!?" (Well, first I made sure her homework was done. Then I hollered.)

She inherited my Liberty of London for Target bathing suit and I put on a little retro number in a black floral, and off we went. She did cannonballs and tried to stay sunk at the bottom while I did laps until M got home nearly an hour later. It was heaven! The water was the perfect temperature and once the wind picked up it was cooler out than inside the pool. Some bizarre but really adorable ducks - I think they were a couple - came and made themselves comfortable on the hot tub cover, watching us coolly from the shade (as if we crashed their pool party, not the other way around).

M & I snapped these pics after I showered and we got dinner started. She'd made a big round of strawberry margaritas while I was rinsing off and we took a little stroll just as the sun was setting. It was still really warm and this breezy cotton summer dress was the perfect thing to throw on. I just mussed some Jonathon product into my hair and it air-dried this way. Freebie! There's a whole series of her sharp, no-nonsense summer duds, too. I'll post those soon.

For now, here's to California girls - and Sexicans. Are y'all celebrating Cinco de Mayo? YOU SHOULD BE. (We've already started.)

Dress: Buffalo David Bitton Wedge Sandals: Dolce Vita Necklace: H&M Belt: Vintage Bangle: Pier One

PS. Since it would be wrong to break tradition, here's a little motivation to get your Mexi on: