Gay American gothic.

SFDK143Collages6-1Collages8-1 CONFESSION: These photos are approximately 8 days old. GASP. Really, they are just tomboy candy and for fun. An impromptu gay parody of sorts after American Gothic, of course, which makes ever so much more sense if you know my complete and total (and often hilarious and heartrendingly tragic) family history. After running around in my mother's backyard, we found ourselves some serious gardening tools and had some silly fun.

In them I am, in fact, unshowered from the night before (dirty girl!), when M & I and our awesome posse were at a drag king show, and quite possibly ever so slightly buzzed seeing as how I had to show off my fancy craft by whipping up a few batches of champagne cocktails for the family with fresh ingredients like basil and muddled blackberries, using sweet tea and lemon to twist things up a bit.

Ach so.

We always have a wonderful time there, but I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't glad to come home to this rowdy old whore of a town, dear sweet San Francisco, each and every single time.