Four long years and your favorite blog... that any way to say hello? and you hold me like you'll never let me go. 

Guess what, kiddos? Fit for a Femme is four years old today. It's a little astonishing. It's even more astonishing when I think of how we're off to the East Coast soon, and how four years ago our Life Path™ didn't seem to be headed in a six-day blaze of glory across the United States on the 80 to a beautiful Victorian we'd call our own. Isn't that just the way of life paths? It's one hell of a twist.


While I doubt this blog will still be around in 2016, it'll be great fun to share our New England exploits here for a little while. So many new adventures await us! On Saturday my mother threw us a going-away soiree at her house. Family and close family friends came from near and far to see us off, and it was a tremendously perfect day. We were so touched by everyone's love and kindness, and all of the little gestures that came together in one huge embrace that filled our hearts and will tide us over out there for a while.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that we're flying my mom out for the last half of July. It'll be so much fun to have her help getting settled and set up in our new home. In the meantime, we're slowly and steadily preparing for the big day on June 30th. We took a little break yesterday to get M a much-needed haircut, and of course the wait at FSC Barber for M's gal meant popping across the street to Tacolicious to kill some time sipping margaritas and eating tacos in the rare and happy sunshine.

We also stopped to snap these pics. The gosh darn battery died before we could do any close-up, detailed shots, but this backdrop against the side of The Women's Building was too amazing not to post! Isn't it so cool? We loved it. In all my years I've never noticed this part, and it made me think how I've missed having the Mission as a backdrop for these shoots for the past year or two.

And then we found this little side street with two pretty little community gardens kitty-corner from one another and just had to snap a picture of the street's name - BIRD! (He's currently in big trouble because he just chased a cat down the cul de sac, tsk!) We're thinking of doing a little Tumblr for our road trip with the dogs, what do y'all think? It's bound to be hilarious and incredible and occasionally disastrous and we are ever-so-slightly terrified. We'll keep y'all posted. (Needless to say, your road trip tips are very much welcome!)

This outfit! It's a J. Crew dress, and I have one in navy as well. I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear during the road trip, since it's bound to be a million degrees through certain states, and they seemed perfect. I paired it with a skinny white belt, this incredible Cordoba clutch by Elliott Lucca and my comfy sky-high platform wedges by Kensie. I've got a random gold and white bangle on and my mixed metal necklace from Jewelmint. It was too hot for anything but a ponytail.

That's all for now, y'all.



PS. After the barber and Tacolicious, we popped over to Dogwood in Oakland for my last Bay Area book club meeting - we'd just finished reading James Salter's A Sport and a Pastime. One of the gals had these amazing shoes on, and we had to snap a pic since they looked so hot together. ULTRA-FEMME!