How did things even work before Google calendar? I mean, I've used Moleskine diaries more or less for the past ten years but I cannot recall the act - outside of business - of consulting it for my personal or social life. I know I've documented things in them (kept most of them, actually - I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to paper) - but I certainly have no memory of coming home on a Friday night and musing over my entries to see what I had committed to that weekend.

This is all to say that last night at ten to eight, whilst standing in line at Trader Joe's after happy hour cocktails, my phone alerted me to the fact that we had a show to be at in ten minutes. I was shocked. I'd forgotten about it completely! How could I?! It was Wild Flag! I love Wild Flag.

Long story short, we ended up with tickets to their show tonight instead - we're lucky they're playing two nights. I probably would have breezed through the whole weekend without realizing it if it weren't for Google calendar (and my Android phone).

Or maybe I should digress back into good old pen on paper, after all.

Now to the outfit at hand. Say hello again to my awesome bear tights from Latvian designers QooQoo. The cold is sticking for now, we've got rain predicted all weekend, and I've got firewood (and books) stacked and ready to go just as soon as it starts to rain. Between that, a kettle of Earl Grey and pumpkin muffins baking in the oven, it's going to smell like heaven in here very soon.


Slow-mo hair toss.

The dress is H&M and I've got another in a soft, peachy cream shade. I cinched in the waist with an Yves Saint Laurent obi belt in black suede, and popped on my cuffed and studded black suede ankle boots by Trouvé. The fur collars are vintage, and the big black Union Jack bag in leather is from Betsey Johnson.

Let's talk about nail polish! I've been doing all kinds of super basic but really fun nail designs myself. This set is all Zoya polishes: Cynthia (smoky, blackened peacock teal) with Jinx (warm, coppery bronze) for the tips. I love the color combination. The (truly, truly, truly) outrageous feather earring is from Macy's and came in a pair, but it's best to wear just one at a time. I got the nudie friendship bracelet from a lovely gal at Indie Mart here in SF, the ring from Pretty Penny in Oakland, and that's it!

Have a cozy weekend, y'all.