For and against.

B&B1-1Collages37B&B2 CONFESSION | FEMME: I've got a neat little story about this dress. My dear friend, Trioxide, sent me a bunch of links to vintage dresses on that she felt might suit me. I loved how serious and plaid this was (a dark sage green with black checks), the fact that it came with an adorable matching bolero and belt (to be pictured next time). It was only when I first put it on that I realized the fit was perfect!

Trixie, it seems, has a real knack for this. Sizing a gal up and sizing a dress up and saying with certainty: This one. You need it. Get it. GET IT! A few things about tonight's trip to Bourbon & Branch: I may or may not have been allowed behind the bar to mix things up a little. I may or may not have sampled at least a dozen odd cocktails in a two-hour length of time. I may or may not be in love! You'll see when I post my favorites, because you will 100% absolutely want to try them.

CONFESSION | TOMBOY: I hate SF so much right now! $2K for an apartment with a bathroom smaller than our current liquor cabinet! WTF? The fog is making everyone demented in the city. 15-minute open houses! Yes, let me just drop everything, schlep during the busiest possible traffic hours to come see your miniature toilet!