Foggy Day

Meet Lafitte. It's a restaurant with a manifesto; it's run by the same people who brought you SubCulture Dining. It's a gorgeous, airy, polished industrial-country kind of space set on Pier 5 on the San Francisco Bay. The menu is to die for. The drinks are addictive. The service is impeccable. It steals the scene for this long overdue FFAF post! All I did was sit in it and get tipsy and nom on rabbit and scallops and butternut squash soup sipped from an impossibly wee teacup. There was also an outstanding bacon chocolate chip cookie.

Dolce Vita for Target boots, Cheap Monday faux-leather panel skirt, Apostrophe blouse.

In case you're wondering why on God's green earth I've been so awfully MIA lately:

We moved! We moved! We moved!

Sayonara, little railroad flat. Goodbye, tiny closets. Ciao, paper thin walls. So long, single cramped bathroom. Good riddance, neighbors. Adios, El Mexico markets, Valencia boutiques and Anthony's Cookies. Peace, kitten gang. Tchüss, Mission District. Later, Fabric 8 and your brilliant Street Food Fridays. We'll be back. One day. It's my birthplace, after all! We clang for one another.

HELLO, five-burner stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, dual-bin stainless steel sink. HELLO, 1500+ sq. ft. of living space and sky-high ceilings. HELLO, two full baths plus powder room. HELLO, front and back yards. HELLO, washer/dryer. HELLO, two-car garage. HELLO, fireplace. HELLO, privacy.

Come to mama, you big, sexy, badass closet nearly the size of our old bedroom. God, I love you. Ch-ch-changes! Y'all are invited to our epic pool party open house, where we'll all warm up with hot toddies in front of a crackling Fall fire. Feel free to come 'round and play doubles with us on our tennis court, too.

It's hard to say whether or not the FFAF backdrops will be as epic, but the plan is to set up a permanent studio in the garage!

Also? Band practice.

Looking ahead, kittens. Always.

Love, FFAF