Fog for Freda B

Look at that damn gorgeous view. HEY, THAT'S NOT BOSTON! You're right, it's not. It's luscious San Francisco, because this is a post about our final outing on that big old bay I've loved so dearly and for so long. (All my life, really.) We had tickets for a sunset cruise aboard a historic schooner docked in Sausalito. It's supposed to swing around and flirt with the Golden Gate Bridge while you look on, bubbly at your lips, lover's arm 'round your waist, which was key to the experience but as you can see the weather - not just the fog, my friends, but ominous storm clouds - wasn't exactly in our favor.

Meet Freda B. What a beauty! She's no Roseway, but still a looker. It was also kind of amazing because I was in high gear packing/moving/OMG-this-is-it mode, and couldn't be bothered to do more than throw on some Cheap Monday jeans, a Zara sweater and motorcycle jacket, and some cowboy boots on, and this lady who was surprised by her boyfriend had on sky-high heels, full makeup, and a wiggly little minidress tip-toed down the ramp and onto the boat before us. Poor thing. I mean, when I do it it's on purpose, but still, for once I wasn't that girl.

M is like, "Oh, Jonesey. You're always that girl."

M wore boat shoes to go on a boat. Smart!

Apparently, you can really very thoroughly abuse Sperry Top-Siders and it doesn't phase them one bit! Did we know this? I did not. I love boat shoes on M, but haven't quite found the right pair myself. It shocks me how destroyed hers can seem and then POOF, they just hose right off. And then dry. And aren't gross or weird or sad, they're right back to being like new. Amazing.

M is here demonstrating that earlier in this week she turned 35. 34 comes before 35, and while that was a nice year and all, 35 is really going to be IT. She's so confident her elbow needs holding up!

Pretty. Foggy. Pretty foggy, wocka wocka!


Obligatory loverbird shots. We're on a boat! We love boats and we love each other! Champagne! Yay!

I love all of the things about boats. I love the gadgets, the design, the piles and piles of salty rope, the wood and sounds of the wood and smell of the sea and how you need to think harder about how you walk and move, that things are simpler and more compact, and at the same time it's all (for now) quite foreign and complicated-seeming. My uncle is a sailor and it's always fascinated me. I have the feeling we'll finally get around to taking sailing lessons out here! Maybe next summer.

It's true, we were bummed about the weather at first. We envisioned clear blue skies, a feisty little wind dotting the bay with frothy caps, the fog rolling in but at a safe distance behind the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun on our backs. Where did we think we were?! What we got was quintessential San Francisco, and really, what could have been more perfect? A beautiful day at sea might have broken our hearts.

Look at that little sailboat, brave and lonely in the mist. Lovely, too, in its way.

Being that this was our last hurrah and the Freda B is a vessel for a really great nonprofit program that teaches kids how to sail, we sprung for the souvenir glasses for our bubbly. We figured if we couldn't have our sun then we could at least have a tipple at sea, by God! And so a tipple or two we had, hurrah. Now for a few more glimpses at her old, pretty bones...

The petite got a souvenir hot cocoa mug! The homemade hot cocoa they served was delicious and warmed you right up. Highly recommended!

Eventually, the fog turned into a real rain that even the waterproof blankets (see above, layered over the petite's hoodie) couldn't keep out. You couldn't see a bloody thing and so we did what any clever person would do and wormed our way below deck, where snacks, albeit slightly soggy ones, and more beverages awaited us. It was also cool to take a closer look at what life is like down there! They had lots of books, a full kitchen, and as folks trickled in from above, we all exchanged chit-chat about where we were from, everyone was lovely to the tourists and vice versa, and it was just a pleasant, lemons-out-of-lemonade kind of situation.

That's it for now! I have so much exciting stuff from the road trip to share, and I'll try to break it up with traditional FFAF posts. In the meantime, head over to Autostraddle and donate a buck or two if you can, they're having a great fundraising campaign with lots of goodies and perks - cookies! You Do You undies! zines! - and they also just posted a great article on being tomboy femme that I think is a worthwhile read, especially on the eve of FemmeCon 2012! I couldn't make it this year and I am seriously J of the clothing swap but I'd love to hear from any of you that plan to attend!