This week seems to be quite the clusterfuck for many of us. I won't even get into it. I couldn't be more glad that M took the day off tomorrow, and we're off to Half Moon Bay again. It's still super hot out here, so I'm not sure what I'll wear, but I'm sure it'll be farm-worthy and there will be more epic petting zoo photos. (Perhaps we'll continue the tradition with a video, too!)

I'm so proud of the fact that I am now - at my age, good grief! - capable of doing a fishtail braid. It's something that's haunted me since the 5th grade, when I first tried, and only with repeated YouTube tutorials was I able to finally accomplish it. This has been the year of conquering braids; earlier this year my hair got long enough to do some milkmaid braids, the BFF taught me how to French braid a few months ago, and now this. YES.

So many accessories! Meet my gorgeous new calf hair wedge booties. I'm completely in love with them. They're from Adrienne Vittadini and I can't find them in this awesome leopard print online, but apparently they sell them in black suede and a rich, honeyed leather, too. For $139. Mine are SUPERIOR, and were only $80 at Marshall's. Whomp whomp! I realize I sound like a commercial, but BARGAIN SHOPPING, FTW!

You probably recognize my leathery leaves necklace from Mariele Ivy and my horse-y watch from Asos, and a gold pyramid bracelet from Sears, I think. Sears. Ever since Friday Night Lights came into my life, I've been down with Sears.

This is just a casual little outfit I threw together for I don't know what. Errands? Hanging out? It was probably a nice and cool day from last week and I was just overeager to LAYER already.

Pants: Asos Metallic Shirt: Calvin Klein Denim Jacket: Old Navy Clutch: Hobo International Earrings: Asos

Last but not least, showing off my awesome DIY manicure - a little two-tone action achieved (and quickly) with Zoya nail polish, Seche Vite for quick drying, and some scotch tape! I promised M that I'd do candy corn nails for Halloween, so I'll make sure that I get those on film, too.

Hot tip: Please go OnDemand if you have it and watch Melancholia. Or wait for it to hit theatres and then report back to me. We watched it last night and I have SO MANY FEELINGS.

PS. I got this dress and can't wait to wear it. I'm gonna boss M to take me dancing, or maybe I'll wear it to see Wild Flag. Ooh!