Fisherman's Cap, Ahoy!

Not very long ago I was told I'd be needing some hats for cold New England winters, and I immediately cringed. Hats are very much hit or miss on me (mostly terrible misses), so the idea of finding new ones out of necessity made me a bit nervous. Back home they were always optional accessories, or I'd just pick up something that would work on or off the slopes for Lake Tahoe ski weekends. Après-ski is one thing; practical yet stylish day-to-day headwear another entirely.

What to do? Now, I've got one already in soft brown felt with velvet trim, but it's the floppy kind with a huge, dramatic brim and can't just be tossed on with any old outfit. Enter this merino wool fisherman's cap from Lauren by Ralph Lauren! It's half-cap, half-beret design is a perfect mix of slouchy but structured, and right now you can get 'em on sale with matching fingerless gloves for $60! Total steal. I think I just need to snag myself a chic little black beret and I'll be all set!

Phew. That was easier than I thought.

Let's see, what else is new? Oh! I'm super antsy for news of our new bikes. We knew we'd eventually want to get some of our own after we gifted the petite with her very own Public C3 for her graduation in June, but planned to wait until next year. However, we had a stroke of good luck and found ourselves in possession of a very grand gift certificate to a local bike shop last month, so we decided to go all out for our absolute dream bikes!

My choice was pretty easy - I only had eyes for the Pashley Roadster 26, a dark and handsome beast from Britain. I have no idea how to even talk about bikes, but I knew it was beautiful, hand-built and that I wanted nothing to do with the classic femininity of a woman's bike. I wanted a filthy little dandy's bike, and I think the Roadster 26 is perfect.

So I ordered the model with all of the bells and whistles, and salivated over all of the customizing I'd get to do with Brooks holdalls and grips and panniers and whatnot, once it got here. It won't be ready until January, but I'll be honest - the waiting is a little bit delicious.

M's selection process was a little trickier. She wanted something handsome but lightweight and with a mixte frame - there are pretty slim pickings out there for that sort of thing. We looked at a ton of options online and suffered several bouts of decision fatigue before discovering the Yves Gomez through a friend's recommendation to check out Rivendell, a company back home.

The international man's mixte.

It looked perfect, but she worried about its steel frame. Fortunately, the bike shop had a set of its twins ready to ride in baby blue, so we took them out for a test drive (in the snow) one morning a couple of weeks ago. They were brilliant! M was sold, and so we patiently worked through customizing everything BUT the frame (I had no idea that was even a thing, y'all). It's being custom-painted in Rhode Island and should be ready to roll in another week or two!

It'll be a whole new world. We can't wait! What about you? Do you like to go bike riding? For leisure or sport? Anything I must know?

Let's get to the outfit details:

Dress: BCBG Leather Jacket: Elie Tahari Boots: Donald J. Pliner Bag: Dooney & Bourke Gloves: Cole Haan Fisherman's Cap: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Necklace: Mariele Ivy Bracelet: Jewelmint Ring: Vintage

More soon!