First Fridays

DSC07076 First Fridays are generally reserved for something other than being a homebody, but the weather was so delicious when M got home from work on Friday night, and the porch so inviting, that we decided to crack open a bottle of perfectly chilled bubbly and enjoy it on our front steps. The dogs came with us and gloated while the dogs across the street barked through curtains against windows.

We even dragged Gunny out for a few minutes and let him explore the porch a little. He rubbed his little whiskers all over every surface and patio furniture edge. I drank in the fresh air heavy with the threat of a May shower and the hyacinth from our garden.


My hair is ready for summer, but I am all too happy to chill with spring for a nice long while before then.


Black and white baby gingham borrowed from the boys. There's something really sort of subversive and sexy, to me, about a girl taking a shirt with French cuffs and rolling them up haphazardly, then cinching in the waist with a knot (or two, whatever it takes). Kind of a "Yes, I'm fancy, but I also don't give a damn what you think" vibe.

Which more or less sums up my entire outlook as a femme, and I think is true for a lot of femmes I know. What do you think?



Yesterday, we did a first round of hitting up local yard sales, starting with a benefit in a nearby town for a cat foster and rescue. After tapping out around our sixth or seventh, we had a great patio lunch with cocktails and then found ice cream before heading home, completely tuckered out. Mean winds and possible thunderstorms today were the perfect excuse to stay in and finish some projects around the house (or sip whiskey and PS4 PS3 - they've brainwashed me - your heart out if you're my wife - "perfect gaming lighting," she says), so that's what's up in our neck of the woods.


I am still head-over-heels for these ridiculous calf-hair camo print kitten heels. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Y'all, I am in the process of swapping out fall/winter for spring/summer, and my god is it ever a process. I'm stumped at how to properly store clothing in a New England basement. Will the humidity ruin it? What about moths? THIS CALIFORNIA GIRL STILL DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE. (Your expert tips and tricks are very welcome.)


That's it for now, nothing too special. Just a wrinkled skirt I yanked from a pile, this shirt hanging over an open closet door, and slipping into some comfy heels so I wasn't sitting out barefoot, but after a few sips and a little minute of leaning my head on the tomboy's shoulder and listening to the birds sing, I felt like a million warm, happy bucks.

Pleated Jersey Wrap Front Skirt - Kieran Dallison at Gilt | Gingham Shirt - Thomas Mason for J. Crew Women + Men | Camouflage Print Calf Hair Kitten Heels - Zara

In other news, A-Camp is just two weeks away and I'm giddy over the fresh, fragrant lavender for my flower crown workshop, as well as bright and beautiful roses, bougainvillea, cherry blossoms and forsythia in silks I hand-picked just for our lovely campers. S O O N!