Fire engine red.

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CONFESSION: Y'all, this weekend was one big, dreamy, fantastical doozy! The hilarious thing is that M & I were hemming and hawing and grumbling about how we had all these plans, one after the other, back-to-back and nonstop when all we really wanted to do was stay home in our p/manties, eat prosciutto out of the box with fancy cheese and watch Grey's Anatomy. But we sucked it up and ended up having a ton of fun.

These photos are from Saturday, when we met up with some friends at the Buena Vista in San Francisco, birthplace of Irish Coffee in the United States. To say that it was a glorious day is an understatement - the temps were in the 80s and Buena Vista sits right on the water - it was impossible not to feel giddy from it. Buena Vista's drinks were fantastic, and brunch wasn't half bad, either. The group decided to pop into Cannery Row to have drinks at Jack's afterward, and on the way we spotted this amazing old fire truck. It is shiny and pretty and has lots of knobs and buttons and things to fuss with and, of course, I was unable to resist.

Then it was off to a pool party in Pacifica, which is a stunning little town off HWY 1 just south of San Francisco. Then we decided to enjoy a few cocktails at the Lexington, SF's 24/7 lesbian bar. Then M was required to defend my honor from a Mongolian heiress who tried to purchase me! Then we made a friend who does gay rodeo bull riding and promised to come to poker night. Then we grabbed a nightcap at Beretta on the stroll home. I had the Monte Carlo. Perfection.

And then finally, at last, bedtime.

Today was the Eat Real Festival at Oakland's Jack London Square, and I'll post pics from that tomorrow. Goodnight, kittens! Hope y'all had magical weekends, too.