Fir Sure

As good a way to start a new post as any, eh? Behold M and her Knob Creek flask. I have lost count of all our flasks. There are many. Some leather-bound, some traditional, some all aerodynamic, one bedazzled with skulls...I think the only addition ours needs is one vintage, slender and ladylike flask, for yours truly. I'd like it to be silver and embossed with an elegant design. Simple. 

Remember how I thought the Habitat for Humanity fiberglass incident would be the end of cargo pants for my beloved? Well, of course she ran out and got herself a new pair, and wore them tree-huntin', naturally. She also wears them when she doesn't feel like getting dressed. They're like sweats or pajama pants, in her mind. Anytime she puts them on, it's a silent act of defiance.

This saw was way more dangerous than it looks! Very sharp. Last night we met some friends of ours in Oakland at a place called Dogwood. It's on the same block as the Fox Theater, just a lovely, dark little nook on a corner, and they specialize in cocktails and charcuterie. We loved the long, loose wooden community tables, and especially the big pheasants adorning the walls. Though the cocktail program could have used a bit of refinement, they were still pretty tasty, and their gin and bourbon selections extensive and pleasing. The grilled cheese I was fed was incredible. I daydreamed about it today! It was a fantastic night.

Here are the details:

Shirt, Calvin Klein Puffer, Polo Ralph Lauren Cargo Pants, Target Boots, Mark Nason Belt, H&M

Here are some lovey-dovey pic of the tomboy and I; she really wanted to take some by this plantbutchthingy plantbushthingy. Does anyone have any idea what it is? They're not cattails and they're not foxtails, I don't think. They're our favorite.

This morning I woke up (a bit fuzzy, I'll admit) to the most wonderful early Christmas surprise - Eleven Objects, New York-based makers of exquisite, ultra-luxe detachable collars, picked me to win one of their special styles for Louis Exposure! It is easily the best thing I've ever won, I'm so honored and can't wait to have it in my hot little hands!

Hope y'all are having delightful weekends, can you believe we're already down to 12 days 'til Christmas? Bananas!