FFAF's Cute Overload

Hey, remember when it was all the way back in October and not even quite Halloween yet and we went to the petting zoo and this year ALL THE CUTE FUZZY THINGS let me pick them up and squeeze on them and love them so, unlike last year when the little piglet squealed bloody murder?! I KNOW, RIGHT?! ME TOO!

I miss the piggy and our sweet baby goat that nuzzled on us like a lovesick puppy and all the pretty little chickens and super soft mellow-yellow bunnies. I miss them! They were the sweetest. If I had a petting zoo birthday party, would y'all come? I'm going to start working on the invitations now. I'll send via post, because haven't you heard? The USPS is in big trouble, and we can't have that.

I left out the sheep. How could I? So sorry, sheep! Guys, are you into this Marcel business? I think you should be. I can't figure out why it's so totally mesmerizing, but it really is. It's what America's been missing! A very random and ordinary talking snail, one who is afraid of dogs and who suffers from faulty public transportation like the rest of us, and with real family tragedies to overcome. Amazing. (There's also a new Twitter for Emergency Cute Stuff that might be relevant to your interests.)

I'm going to stop talking and just let you all enjoy the goats now.

We don't have to discuss outfits because we already did that here and here, and do ladies repeat themselves? Most certainly not. In a minute you're going to see one of the prettiest chickens you've ever seen! And then an incredibly gentle bunny! And then this edition of Cute Overload, The FFAF Edition will conclude for now. Hope y'all enjoyed it! XOXO!