FFAF's 6th + Tomboy Femme

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June, June, June. I don't even know where it's gone, but I do know that FFAF turned six years old two weeks ago. Going to camp last month was really affirming, in terms of why FFAF is still here, and so was my (surprise) inclusion on a recent Fierce Femmes roundup from fellow New Englander, Jack Tar 207, which prompted a lot of important conversations on femme recognition and femme invisibility in many of my online "neighborhoods," if you will. Some that tip-toed, some that pricked, some that praised.


I'd love to say we're all drowning in a sea of myriad femmes - especially femmes of color and trans*femmes - blogging about their incredible style (and work and lives), but that doesn't seem to be the case just yet. While it's definitely better than it was way back in 2008, and I feel personally connected to femmes of all kinds in my public and private life, until we femmes hold a bigger corner of the internet, I think I'll stick around a little while longer. We're getting there.

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While I am many things - a multiracial femme in a mixed race marriage and one half of a butch-femme couple, a lesbian mom and feminist, someone who has worked for the better part of the past 20 years and is toeing the line of her mid-30s and still exploring; in my writing, in riding horses, in styling others, in pouring blood, sweat and tears into a project that hasn't yielded one red cent but has been incredibly meaningful in ways that can't be quantified, among a slew of other things - femme is vast, and no one of us can represent it alone. One of my favorite things about us is how we need only to claim the word in order to be it. Femme. There are no rules or hard stops or mean edges. Say it and we'll see you. Say it and we see each other. All open arms and do-not-mess loyalty and multifaceted strength and wonder.

It's the most incredible, boundless thing. I trust it, and I'm glad of the femmes and other folks, known and unknown, who've trusted me along the way. To another year of FFAF!

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In other news, summer's here and the kid is officially halfway done with high school and my wife's birthday is this week. She and I have been gardening like crazy. I'm cranking up the dial on my riding lessons this summer. My parents are coming to visit Sunday, so we're taking them to a house on the Cape for a bit, and returning in time for fireworks on the Charles. Very welcome house guests will keep parading through the month of July, and I'm excited and trying not to fret over how there never seem to be enough hours in the day - I wish I was posting more often, alas! Now you see what's been keeping me. Life's been full!

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This outfit was fun. Big old ball skirt in ballet pink, this fantastic and highly recommended Tomboy Femme t-shirt from Autostraddle, and insanely comfy and simple mules with the tiniest baby platform. Wore it all Sunday for everything from cruisin' around some yard sales to a matinee with the kiddo (MALEFICENT!) and strollin' around the neighborhood, meeting cool new cats. Here are the details:

'Tomboy Femme' T-Shirt - Autostraddle | Ball Skirt - H&M (similar cut in white denim here) | 'Raceway' Platform Mules - Aerosoles (similar here, like walking on poofy little clouds and Mt. Feelings-proof) | Polka Dot Crossbody Purse - Madewell (similar here) | 'Samantha' Necklace - Jewelmint

Gratuitous cute stray cat segment:

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