Waiting for Rufus Wainwright. After the closing remarks at the conference, M fetched me from the hotel and we set out for Napa. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening. The temperature was perfect, the light falling softly at sundown was perfect, dinner was outstanding and Rufus Wainwright was absolutely wonderful, as always. At one point during the show, M whispered to me "How is he even a real person? His albums sound so good, but then you hear him live up there and he's somehow much, much better than all that!" and I nodded with my tear-streaked face.

He made corny Napa jokes and told a few stories between songs, and he played La Complainte de la butte and Memphis Skyline (two of my favorites). Zebulon undid me completely. His sister brought the petite onstage and they all sang together (well, the petite cooed), and it was really lovely. I cannot wait until he's back in November with the SF Symphony for Five Shakespeare Sonnets.

Dress: Calvin Klein Shoes: MaxStudio Bag: Betsey Johnson Earrings: Vintage Necklace: Culp Baubles Feathered Hair Clip: Buffalo Exchange