There is only one day left in this year's femme conference and I can scarcely believe it.

I am exhausted, I am inspired, I am giddy with all of the magical, wondrous, truly life-changing things that can and have occurred when you get a bunch of femmes together to do thangs. It's as humbling as it is empowering, and I almost feel outside of my own involvement and contributions in helping to make it happen by being a committee member and presenter, as well as an enthusiastic participant. It's surreal! Of course, I can't say that every single moment of every day thus far has spoken to me or been poignant for me, but nobody promised me it would, and the bottom line is that the benefits have easily outweighed any of that.

I shan't say anymore! The fine folks at Autostraddle have asked me to do a little FemmeCon recap and I need to cull my resources and reflections for that guest post. I will say that I wore this pretty little outfit today, and it was a smash. The ladies practically needed fainting couches when I told them it was a find at Buffalo Exchange on Valencia, and the dress itself is from a little Australian designer called Runaway Pony.

For those who are curious, my TechFemme workshop yesterday morning went very smoothly. There was a very special attendee present: keynote speaker, author and bona fide femme Jesus (and freshly crowned Miss Femme America) Kate Bornstein.

Y'all should follow the official Femme2010: No Restrictions hashtag on Twitter, if you want to. It's #femme2010 and it's pretty damn inspiring on its own.

I think over the past 72 hours I've only seen my girls for maybe 5-6 of those, and that's been surprisingly hard on me! As a result, I decided to sit out tonight's amazing Glitterati and Hella Gay events, since I went to Femmes On Fire and Friday Night Lights last night and there's an incredible femme short film festival bright and early tomorrow morning that I cannot bear to miss. Chances are high I'll regret this, but cuddling on the handsome one and telling the petite all about the conference has been really, really perfect.

Dress: Runaway Pony Belt, Clutch: Vintage Earrings: El Mexico Boots: Rock n' Rose Watch: Guess

Here are just a few of the incredible individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting at the conference over the past few days. Really wonderful folks, all of them. I'm a lucky femme!