Femme Down! Femme Down!


Good grief, has it really been an entire week since my last post? I rush off to a snowy escape for President's Day weekend, start an amazing new job, and forget all about FFAF, is that it? NO. THAT IS NOT IT. I got sick. We both got sick. We got home late last Monday night, I sent M off to Boston for a quick work trip bright and early Tuesday morning, and we both proceeded to stumble our way through separation (sob) and nasty colds an entire continent apart.

I am not usually so pathetic, but adding illness to injury made me pine for my wife every minute of every one of the 60 hours we spent away from each other. We are spending this entire weekend resting and snuggling and being pathetic together, as it should be.

Let us dwell now on the positive things:

  • We got over the mountain on the way there. It took two sets of chains and a two-hour wait before the pass, but we made it!
  • It was a grueling, 2-3 hour fitting process, during which the entire (and very awesome) staff at Tahoe Sports marveled at my freakishly flexible feet, but it was so worth it as I had zero soreness after two days in a row on the slopes!
  • Our room was very nice and alleviated any concerns we had over not being in another awesome bear cabin, and we spoiled ourself with the glorious view from our 7th story corner windows, room service and impromptu trips to the casino.
  • I refuse to wear ski goggles. I just can't. Skiing is the only sport I partake in (aside from watching World Cup and drunken tennis, but that's everyone, right?), and I can only take is so seriously. This is going somewhere, trust. I needed eye protection in a major way (having forgotten my Cleo shades from Spy Optic), so the obvious choice was a pair of rose-colored Ray Ban aviators. M thought I was being ridiculous, but they worked out.
  • Last but not least, the petite skied her first blue run! She was super hardcore and we are very proud of her!

It was the coldest skiing we've ever done together. At one point it was 5°F below despite clear, sunny skies! M skied Vermont while she was at MIT, long before we ever met  - brrrr! - but even she was freezing her ass off this weekend.

Above, you'll see where I fell (the only time I did so all weekend, aside from horsing around) when I decided I'd go flying into an "enchanted forest" just off a bunny slope at the end of a nice long blue run. It was super powdery and had all these dreamy little jumps and curves and whatnot. I couldn't resist. I almost lost a ski pole when I sunk it into the snow to get some leverage to try and get up, and M followed me in (albeit a tad bit more cautiously than I did) and helped me up. I dusted myself off, we grinned at each other, sailed out of there, then got back on a lift to do it all over again. I didn't fall the second time! Super awesome.

I think we're all caught up now, folks! There's a more traditional FFAF post coming soon, but I thought I'd post these pics from our weekend and let y'all know where we've been and what we've been up to! There are so many layers happening up there that I don't quite know where to start, but I'll give it a whirl:

Volcom ski pants Roxy thermal Banana Republic shirt Gap scarf Vintage belt with pony belt buckle Trapper hat from the incredible Hat Guys in Oakland Nine West boots Ray Bans 555 ski jacket Dollywood foxtail H&M B/W bag DC ski cap Tilly's sweatshirt

M is rocking her 686 ski jacket and Burton ski pants with the ninja t-shirt I got her this Christmas. We found this amazing knit hat for her - it's a freaking BULL - and she's got on Anon goggles a thermal I got her for yet another Christmas! Her skis are Volkl and she also snagged herself a pair of new boots from Technica when we got mine.