Farmer John's

Look at this wheelbarrow! Look at this giant cornucopia! Look at this epic pumpkin patch!

It's all the magic of Farmer John's pumpkin patch off of HWY 1 in Half Moon Bay. They sold us this whole wheelbarrow full of awesome stuff - including a wee precious bale of hay - for a mere $32. You honestly can't beat that. They've got more varieties of pumpkins than I can even comprehend and it's just a rock 'n' roll good time, folks.

Oh, deer. Shenanigans!

M hauling our booty, Kelly Alice pretending to love the beautiful California poppies when what she really wants is to brutally assault them, me on a big old tractor and more pinup-in-a-wheelbarrow-pushed-by-a-tomboy hotness. Let me just tell you that I'm right at home set up on that tractor. An old family friend used to put half a dozen of us kids up in the shovel of their tractor and drive us around a big old pond; the finale was when he pretended he was going to dunk us all in it. That was also where I crashed my first golf cart. WHOMP WHOMP. (That guy was a jerk. Obviously. Who does that?!)

Loverbird business in a giant cornucopia. You can kind of see how big it is up in the first collage. We took a sweet little family photo in there as well, and I bet you could fit like twice as many people in there if you really wanted to.

These were taken at the Harvest Festival in town. The cutie pie petting zoo was definitely a highlight of the day. I held two bunnies! All by myself! There were chickens and a wee baby rooster and chinchillas and goats and sweet little wonky tripod greyhounds for rescuin'. Our hearts all exploded and then mended themselves with every twitch of a bunny's nose. Magical.

I can't wait to go back this week! M's playing hooky and we're heading back to our usual pumpkin patches because we just can't get enough.

Hope y'all had delightful weekends!