Farm Fresh

Welcome to Russell Orchards, a big old farm with 120 acres of orchards, gardens and barns, including over 25 varieties of apples! They also claim to have the best apple cider donuts in all of New England. A few weeks ago we stopped there en route to Crane Beach to pick up some goodies from their store, a huge, lofty 18th century barn, which is where the donuts are made, and to wander the surrounding grounds to check out the farm animals.

That's where the store is. So picturesque. Cannot wait to head back at least once this fall for some apple picking and a hayride - since the harvest was ready early this year, folks were already filling up for the season, but we're holding out for true sweater weather, with hot cider and everything. They also have a fruit winery and make hard cider, too, but I haven't tried any fruit wine out here. If anyone has any tips, share 'em here!

Loved the burst of color with all of the bunting inside, and the old iceboxes all lined up (at least I think that's what they are). All of this super Americana denim action had Beware of the Revolution patches and I am maybe regretting just a tiny bit that I didn't get a pair of overalls.

The cider donuts were amazing. I'm lucky I had to share, otherwise it would have been like half a dozen right down the gullet on the spot. It was so cute to watch the little kids line up to stand on the box that gives you a prize view to see how the donuts are made. I think I was as excited as they were! We're lucky that M never went apple picking when she was out here for school - it'll be a first for all of us!

Big pig! There's a huge hot fuss over these guys, they're huge!

So many little lovely ponds all around, with ducks and chickens everywhere. Never mind my blindingly shiny hair, there are tons of bunnies in those little boxes! I was so mad I couldn't scoop 'em out and cuddle them. M is mostly concerned with the goats, and that winding road is the one you take on the hayride to get the apples!

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the breed of this cute little guy. He was so fuzzy, cute and friendly! Walked all the way over to us from the edge of the woods to the gate where we were standing, so I rewarded him with a few handfuls of nice green grass. He didn't mind being pet and loved on at all!

This post is obviously more about the farm than my outfit, which was really nothing more than a rushed "What can I throw over this bikini today?" I yanked this vintage number out of the closet, tossed the camera, sunscreen and trashy beach reading into an Autostraddle You Do You bag, and slipped on my canvas and faux-leather Aeropostale sandals. Ray-Bans, a House of Harlow necklace and Kiel James Patrick Triton bracelet to accessorize and I was good to go!

Yesterday we had our 4th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately, the tiny cold I had last week morphed into a rather nasty one this weekend, which meant we celebrated all cozy at home. That big old sweetheart of mine cooked up a batch of delicious homemade chicken tortilla soup for dinner, since she had to cancel/postpone the secret reservations she'd made, and we exchanged gifts in the evening.

A friend of ours said it best: "That sounds even more romantical than a night out," and in a way, she's absolutely right. Now we'll always remember this one as the year we really nailed that "in sickness and in health" bit that comes with marriage!

Here a photo of the soup!