Far Out

DSC06642 All it took was one overcast, slightly chilly day, and I broke up with spring florals. (Don't worry, we'll make up again soon...probably Thursday, when we get our pleasant 60s-70s weather back. We had a busy little weekend! Drinks with old colleagues Friday night, dinner with pals on Saturday, brunch with out-of-towners at a charming New England winery on Sunday, and whatever chores and relaxing we could squeeze in between plans.


This outfit was for Saturday - it was ugly out and all anyone wanted to do was get cozy and warm, eat piles of delicious pasta and garlic bread, and hang out with some fussy kitties.


My hair is a wreck because I actually did nothing to it. Probably stumbled out of bed, did Saturday chores, threw it into a bun while I showered, and ran some glossing cream through it after hurriedly raking any knots out. I'm gonna go ahead and use my Get Out of Jail Free Card on this one, y'all!

However, my mani is excellent. I love how the holographic diamond glitter mirrors the galaxy-like pattern on the blouse.


Anyway, it was a great night. Drinks the night before were tasty but holy smokes is the Boston Harbor Hotel bar a sight on a Friday night. I have never seen so many middle-aged men in white pants on a night - any night - in April, or really, any month, anywhere! Ever. We chose it because it was central to all parties and the cocktails at tea the weekend or two before were so well done, but we were easily the most diverse, least conservative group in the joint. It was wonderfully quiet, though, we could successfully have a pleasant conversation without screaming over one another and that is always nice, and really what mattered most in the end.


I'm excited to say that I wrapped up my JavaScript and jQuery classes tonight, and while I'm not sure what's next (Ruby on Rails, chimes in the tomboy, who is sort of hands-off mentoring me through all this), I'm excited to keep on keepin' on. I definitely think that Girl Develop It is an incredible organization doing awesome things  - they're now in 36 cities, a 57% increase from last year, with appx. 21K members - and you should check them out if you're interested in learning or just becoming part of a women in tech community near you.

Anyway, the crown jewel of this post is this year's Stoopiversary photo! Cheers!


'Pixie' Pant in Leather Tuxedo Stripe – J. Crew | Silk Shirt – Theory | Drape Front Goatskin Leather Jacket – Helmut Lang | Studded Ankle Cowboy Boots – Zara | Earrings – Vintage | Layered Triangle Necklace – Jewelmint | 'Aurora' Nail Polish - Zoya

More soon, my dears!