Extreme Angler

It seems we've all gone headfirst into December, with brash winds and orphan sunshine. Poor M's been locked in a brutal two-day offsite brainstorming session for work the past few days, and is so sleepy she can't even drink bourbon. It's shocking, I know. Anyway, here she is standing in front of some sort of houseboat in a state of disrepair, in Sausalito. There are all sorts of boat lifts and such on either side of her, and despite the abandoned cooler in the front left, there wasn't a soul around!

Boat, boat, we're on a boat! This is pulling into Tiburon, on the ferry, of course. I love how it looks like she's manning the corner/door, like she's keeping watch almost. Side note: Did you know that watchcaps haven't got anything to do with watches? I didn't. I had to be told. I thought perhaps watches got so cold in extreme weather that there are wee tiny knit hats to keep them safe from the elements. Adorable, but WRONG.

This is the amazing, $300 Newkirk Down Vest she scored for $99 not long ago, by Polo Ralph Lauren. It's pretty amazing, especially considering we'd been scouring the interwebs for puffers for weeks and she kept vetoing most of them as not awesome enough (even those with wildly outrageous price tags). She thinks this one is perfect, and now she's got two and is satisfied - I think.

I like these photos so much, M all smashed up against the window (you can see how cold it is) and peering out with that dreamy, childlike curiosity. We saw all sorts of wildlife in the water that day - harbor porpoises who've been hanging out in the bay this time of year for the past few years (biologists are researching why, it's fascinating), enormous pelicans dive-bombing for food, and sea lions. While the porpoises were super cool, my favorite, hands-down, are the pelicans. They're so kamikaze! And clumsy! And the splash they make and the angle at which they plummet into the water, it's a sight to behold.

This is where the very unsuccessful, wee crab-catching occurred. Hooray!

Corduroys: Kenneth Cole Shirt: Izod Sweater: Zara Puffer: Polo Ralph Lauren Boots: Mark Nason Gloves:  H&M Glasses: Dior Homme

Look how happy we are! We ought to live on a boat, like Conor says. (I love this song, I'd sing it over and over at the top of my lungs to and from my riding lessons all summer. Such a good album.)

We should move to Sausalito Living's easy on a houseboat Let the ocean rock us back and forth to sleep

In the morning with the sunrise Look in the water see the blue sky As if heaven has been laid there at our feet