Endless Summer

DSC00066 OMG, bring me back to the Cape. Please. These photos are from our end of June sojourn with the family. It's been five weeks since we left that wondrous vacation house and a whopping, wholly unacceptable four weeks since our last beach day. Sure, we spent an impromptu weekend in Manhattan but summer is feeling not so endless with that much time between seaside jaunts. I need all the oceans and R&R and low tide sunset strolls and too-early morning shark sighting excursions.

We're gonna fix that Singing Beach style tomorrow, but tonight we head to Boston's mega-ultra-lesbian-dance-party-deluxe Dyke Night Second Saturdays at Machine (it's a mouthful, I know) for St. Harridan's Fashion Show.



Best damn Cape Cod beach ever, hand to God.


During vacation, I made the house these warm, drool-worthy, buttery scones for breakfast one morning. My girl KA hooked me up with her incredible chocolate chip scone recipe, and it turns out I can hook you up with it, too, because it's a Smitten Kitten jam. If you've ever made a face at an offensively dry, crusty old scone, try these. They have the perfect structure and balance of light crunch and softness for dunking into coffee or tea, but are wonderfully creamy.

I will say this, though: definitely try either salted sweet cream butter or add a pinch of sea salt or kosher salt, and maybe even a dash of vanilla or something to give them just a touch more dimension in terms of flavor. Then they're absolutely perfect!


More Skaket Beach, because it's so magical and good and the snack shack rules and the sea grasses are so lush and the sand is ultra-soft and sandy.


The massive wooden deck of the Cape house is surrounded by forest, and at night the frogs croak and fireflies glow and other winged critters sing and it's just beyond dreamy and calming. Of course, beware the mosquitoes. They'll suck your blood (they'll suck your blood). Sometimes your dog might run into the woods and bring back the bones of some unknown previously living thing, but hey! They're on vacation, too, right? I mean. Yeah. THEY ARE.


This is like the horror movie shot of the stupid idiot girl who hears a noise and then follows it into the rapidly darkening and terrifying wilderness, "Hello? Hello? I can hear you! Hello?"

Pro tip: I am not that girl. I carry a knife and am much less polite.



What in god's name is a trip to the Cape without a community seating lobster supper? Nothing, that's what. Arnold's is an institution. You wait in line to order outstanding food and then another line to order an outstanding ridiculous rummy cocktail and then another line for the bring-you-to-your-knees raw bar. It's for your own good. Pace yourself.

And then go play some GD mini golf with your GD family and work it all off because that is some TRULY WHOLESOME FAMILY OUTING MALARKEY. Allow it.


I painted my nails this completely beautiful and artistic rendition of The Starry Night for lobsters and sandy dunes and Provincetown. Don't question me.


The house came with a big stack of mysterious and very, very delightful LPs and I just happened to bring my little portable turntable along. Thank god, can you imagine my state of torture if I'd happened upon these gems from the 1920s-1970s and didn't have the Crosley? Pretty sure I would have driven home to fetch it if that had been the case.


The tomboy took this one of my mama and I after a few rounds of mojitos and big seafood shack dinner. We were sitting in the sunroom listening to The Beatles and my mama's many Beatles stories. This was a really, really lovely vacation.


After a long and idyllic day at the beach, simplicity rules. This is an easy little striped cotton dress from Atwell, one of the in-house Gilt brands. It goes great with actual beach waves, a pile of bracelets, and neutral sandals or fuss-free heels - I chose a chunky-heeled leather pair. My little clutch is J. Crew, and ties in with the navy with a nice pop of deep sea green.



That's it for now! Did y'all see the FFAF shout-out in Curve Magazine from that dear and gorgeous sweet peach Anita Dolce Vita at dapperQ? She's such a powerful voice for femmes, and especially femmes of color. Pretty great stuff!

Hope your summers are going swimmingly,