On Ponte!

I wish you guys could make out the meringue yellow stripes on this cozy t-shirt. They pop wonderfully, just not in this particular set of photos.

I was very proud of the fact that I managed a perfect French twist in the morning, out of the blue, but then failed at maintaining it intermittently throughout the day. Until it was dinnertime, at which point I furiously mashed about half a teaspoon of Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste into my palms, hand-teased my hair, and pinned it up haphazardly.

Here's the AM version, as well as a photo of my super gross tape measure work accident:

As you can see, my office walls are painted all kinds of cerulean blue. This is awesome, except for the fact that they are naked. I ended up ordering an assortment of bright, bold wall decals designed to look like ornate, sort of vintage photo frames of all sizes.

Aren't they neat?

After I determine how they'll be grouped on the main wall, I am thinking of having our design department print out some choice words (like my title Maven, for instance) to put inside of the frames, in the mood of the whole Keep Calm & Carry On thing. They'll be removable of course, which is great as I am fickle and like to change things around often. Where the hell was I going with this? Ah, yes. The hand.

Well, I was measuring the width and height of the wall with a new tape measure and at some point during which it was stretched out by 12', it slipped and sliced my knuckle open. Bullocks. It bled copiously. My very sweet colleague had to go and fetch a First Aid kit, as we had zilch with which to treat my wound. I consulted a doctor friend and said, "It's deep, like I can see meaty white stuff, but it's mostly stopped bleeding," and she said, "Oh, the white stuff is your fat, when was your last tetanus shot?" Super.

Do I look like a girl with lockjaw? Nah. It was my left hand, too, y'all! (Did we know that I'm a lefty? Well, now we do.) A LESBIAN WITH ONE HAND OUT OF COMMISSION MAKES TWO REAL SAD LESBIANS. Other than it, I'm fine now.

This post was named after this excellent little Trina Turk ruffled ponte jacket, which I'm wearing again today over a flowy silk dress and riding boots. I wanted to find a jacket that was very special and could spice up pretty much anything in my closet. I tried on a shimmery Valentino Red jacket I was in love with, but the 4 cut off the circulation in my arms and I was swimming in the 8 - of course there were no 6s to be found and I almost cried in the store.

Shoes: Vintage YSL Wide-legged velvet trousers: Erin Fetherston for Target Striped t-shirt: Michael Stars Jacket: Trina Turk Bag: Co-Lab by Christoper Kon Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Bangle: Pier One Spiked freshwater pearl earrings: Banana Republic