En Garde!

This outfit was so much fun. My only complaint would be that when sleeves are rolled up in this way, it's v. difficult to throw a coat or jacket over them. They get bulky and it's uncomfortable, but unbuttoning and unrolling them (and then rolling and buttoning right back up, depending on the weather's/body heat's fickle whims) is obnoxious. FIRST WORLD PROBS, YO.


Boots: Dolce Vita for Target, with socks and leggings Skirt: Esprit Shirt: Converse for Target Scarf: Modcloth Purse, Beaded Necklace: Vintage

Guess what, kittens?! M & I have been happily married for two years today! Isn't that something?!

We celebrated by going to our fencing class after work (side note: fencing is ultra sweaty), getting some post-fencing grub from El Buen Sabor, cracking open a nice, cold bottle of bubbly and collapsing into an exhausted pile together on the couch. The fanciness happens on Friday, when we'll go on a proper celebratory date! I can't wait. My black taffeta dress and I are ready.


Welcome to SF's best-loved lesbian bar, The Lexington. Fantastical tumblr/blog Lesbians In SF celebrated the opening of their photo show at the Lex last night, so we stopped by to take a peek, congratulate the lovely duo on all their hard work and success, and enjoy a drink (or two). I got a lot more than I bargained for! Brownies, meeting wonderful readers of FFAF, and finally getting to mingle with Jenna Riot and her charming beau. There were at least two sweet puppies to love on, too. You can have a look-see yourself at the gorgeousness adorning the red walls here, but if you're local I recommend stopping by to take them in IRL!