It's not Dublin's fault,  but I've had one hell of a week so this isn't going to be super chatty, kittens, my apologies.

How cool is all this Dublin street art / mural action, though? The Temple Bar district is similar to SF's Mission in that it's packed with cool stuff like this, hip little vintage and indie shops, hipsters and BARS. Lots and lots and lots of fantastic bars, from traditional pubs that've been there forever to sleek hotel bars mixing up fancy cocktails. There's also a ton of pretty amazing food that runs the gamut, as well.

I'm wearing a Zara sweater over an Asos bodysuit and vintage skirt, with thick black tights and some adorable Topshop flats. The earrings are Asos as well, the gold bangles are from a local boutique and the necklace is by Lisa Galibardy. Asos watch, Pretty Penny vintage ring, and leather + gold cuff from Lori's Shoes. The tough-girl envelope clutch is Matt & Nat, 100% vegan and I love it!

SUPERDOG! Here's the tomboy looking super hunky next to her favorite mural. She's wearing a paper-thin Zara sweater over a dress shirt, some RSQ jeans and her delightfully worn Aldo shoes. Simple, comfortable, in that relaxed-but-pulled-together way.

I think we were just wandering out one night and found this alley somewhere between the Liffey and our hotel totally on accident. That lovely "let's get semi-lost on purpose" thing some of us like to do on vacation. It was chillier in Dublin than in any other city we'd been in on the trip, which was kind of a shock. We suddenly had to bundle up a bit, not a lot, but we'd been so pleasantly surprised with the lovely weather in London and Edinburgh. We were lucky, though, we got a ton of sun during our stay - the locals were adamant that it was super gorgeous weather for a Dublin summer, so we were grateful!

This is somewhere deep in the maze of streets that make up Dublin's best shopping district. If Temple Bar's shops are all kind of edgy, raw, secondhand awesomeness, this area was full of cult favorites, beautiful salons, hip chains and very fancy, elegantly cultivated vintage boutiques. Of course, there were also luxury brands and super tourist-y shops, but all that was easily avoided. You must be thinking, "So, where does Jesus and a Holy Water fountain come in?" or maybe you're not, but we don't really know, to be honest.

One minute we were walking home and the next we'd stumbled into this tranquil little nook!


Lots of the same stuff here, but rocking a Sparkle + Fade cardigan over a tiny graphic surfer girl camisole and H&M shorts, the same trusty black tights and my vintage brogues. This time I brought my Co-Lab bag and threw on a different pair of Asos earrings. Actually, it's highly possible that I was actually wearing this the same day as above, and ended up changing to be warmer at night!

Coming soon: An awesome cheesy Viking "duck tour" of Dublin, private insider tour of Trinity College, and a gorgeous day trip through the Dublin's striking countryside.

Have a lovely, safe weekend, y'all!