Drifting through daffodils...

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Spring fever is in full swing at our house! Here's our lovely magnolia tree in full bloom in the front garden. Now that we've done most of the gardening work out there, we've been focusing on the backyard. The lilacs we planted last summer are flowering for the first time, even though they're only thigh-high. I can't wait to show you what it looks like when it's all finished!



Yesterday I was out there like a madwoman for hours in my Pure Barre workout clothes, even despite a late afternoon drizzle (to be honest it was welcome, as I was sweating up a storm from all the manual labor), mowing and re-mowing the lawn, which had kind of overgrown while we figured out what sort of mower to get. (Answer: Push mower, which I find oddly soothing to operate.) I raked huge piles of mowed grass off to the sides and went a little nuts pruning some of our smaller trees and holly bushes. No idea what got into me, but it's looking rather smart back here (from where I'm typing this up at our table, in fact).



This was a breezy late April Saturday outfit for a bit of shopping around on Newbury Street. It's a super lightweight Gap chambray over an H&M dress, belted with a patent and rhinestone bow number from J. Crew, and a pair of easy nude suede platform sandals from Zara. The raffia necklace from Anthropologie really makes it, though. And my OPI Liquid Sand mani - I'm so loving the gritty, matte texture!

Despite their chunkiness, these shoes are actually feather light and pretty comfortable. I made the potentially foolish mistake of wearing them for the first time with the knowledge that I'd be on my feet for over four hours nonstop, and didn't regret it at all. Nicely done, Zara! The satchel is Kate Spade, the Irving Place Little Nadine and it's a great mid-sized bag in the coolest neutral French grey.



What a lovely Mother's Day I had! It was just full of sweetness and languor. We had a mix of wet and dry weather, and I got both my lazy outdoor reading in the sunshine and to see The Great Gatsby. I think because the story is what it is it couldn't ever be my favorite Baz film, but it was nice to look at and I might even see it a second time just to be sure. I've dug into the new James Salter novel, All That Is, and so far find it to be fantastic.



Last night we were supposed to meet up with our JP pals after work to take a stroll through the arboretum, where their lilac trees and bushes are in riotous full bloom, too! They have hundreds and it's a big Mother's Day event, so even though we missed it Sunday we thought we'd all enjoy it on a calm Wednesday early evening before a BBQ dinner.


Well, it went and rained on our parade! We ended up having a nice, casual supper indoors instead, and chatted the night away catching up on the past week and a half. Hopefully the blooms haven't diminished too much when we try again over the weekend, which is supposed to stay nice and pleasant. Fingers crossed!