07-P2840543 Happy Monday! The weather is STILL glorious, some deranged bird is cawing nonstop outside of the office window and I've got piles and piles of fresh laundry for folding. It was a damn fine weekend. Yesterday began with pastries warm from the oven and French Pressed coffee, and ended with a trip to Sephora and hours spent lounging around in our backyard, grilling and chatting and supervising the tomboys and their giddy use of a new miter saw. Hooray!


This post is named for the Downtown Field Jacket by J. Crew, it's an excellent all-around little topper that definitely fills a little hole I had in my closet.


These J. Crew earrings were a total steal. I love them to death, they're so vibrant and sparkly and cool, and are an easy way to complete a killer outfit. They're all sold out of this version, but have refreshed the design with a tortoiseshell-like center stone, amber and turquoise. Pretty!


We're on Day 26, which mentions freak showers. (Funnily enough, we had one yesterday when I was wearing this!) Here are the details: "Freak showers happen — we know! Puddle jump in style with a fun windbreaker, a knee-length dress, and plastic heels that can withstand the wetness."

The field jacket is the closest thing I've got to a windbreaker or raincoat, but its resin-coated canvas can definitely hold up to a summer (or fall - but let's not jump the gun) storm. My issue with jackets like these is usually the fit, but a small fit me perfectly in the dressing room, and they very smartly included adjustable waist tabs for giving the waist a little nip if you're feeling things are a little too boxy. Both colors are beautiful and neither these photos nor the ones on the website do the "mossy brown" justice. It's certainly more olive or khaki green than brown and the third photo down from the top is the truest match if you're curious.

06-Fields and Flowers


The dress is from a boutique called Lola but all the nice, neat pleats have since fallen out of the skirt so I'm afraid this is the last you'll be seeing of it. The gold-plated sandals are from Nordstrom and the denim vest is a DIY from an old Old Navy jacket. I cinched a J. Crew bow belt around my waist, a vintage necklace around my neck, and Madewell + Brandy Melville bracelets around my wrist.


I can't remember where, but I recently read on a beauty blog about Sephora's cream lip stains, and so I picked it up yesterday in Always Red. As you can see, it's very red. I am a fast fan of the amazing wear, texture and super-saturated color, and can't wait to go back to pick up Strawberry Kissed (a pinkier red) and Endless Purple.  If you check 'em out, start with the mattes - I wasn't as impressed with the shimmery or satin ones, but I loathe glitter or sparkle of any kind in my lip product, so keep that in mind.

09-Fields and Flowers-001

Before I sign off, I wanted to tell you how easy this updo is. I love how it turned out and thought you might be curious:

1. Make a ponytail. 2. Make a fishtail braid. 3. Tuck the end of the braid under and close to the bottom of your ponytail holder. (You can bobby pin it or just hold it and go to the next step.) 4. On either side of the folded-under fishtail braid, use a Bunheads pin or similar to secure the braid closer to your scalp (and to hide the ponytail holder). 5. Once secure on the sides, do the same with the bottom if necessary. 6. Last and most important step to add polish: At the top, use 1-2 bobby pins to bring some small pieces of the braid up and over the top exposed part of your ponytail holder. If pinned correctly, there should be no ponytail holder showing at all, just a mysteriously mussed-to-perfection fishtail updo that's better than a bun and less fussy than a chignon.

And if none of that made ANY sense, I will try to bribe the tomboy into recording it on video for you to watch and try out for yourselves!


I'm very proud of this little arrangement I made from just three or four bunches of flowers from Whole Foods. I was able to fill two large and two small vases with them and they're flowers from local farmers. They opened up beautifully over the weekend.

Cheers, FFAF