Dots, Sheep & Leaves

The legend of invisible femmes started so long ago no one quite knows how or where it began. See how she walks briskly along; golden leaves blending in with her polka-dot skirt (femmes are quite fond of polka dots), the coat's subtle plaid blurring together with stonemasonry, a nude heel punctuating each sway in her step - but the telltale flash of leg and insouciant bounce of a ponytail gives her away in the end.

That was fun. You know what else is fun? This outfit! Bright skirt! Sheep with their little socks in all colors! A pearly, sparkly, girly detachable collar! I mean, since we're talking about it, another thing we femmes are notorious for is having a bit of fun with our outfits. Get-ups. Ensembles. Garb. All we did was go to brunch in the South End on a drizzly Sunday afternoon! We often don't require but a sliver of an excuse to go all out. (Good butches who know this all too well are collectively rolling their eyes with loving exasperation right now, aren't you all?)

Lucky the skies quit long enough to take these pictures. I love the South End for all its brick, little stoops like these and often the doorways or windows spilling over with pretty potted plants and flowers, folks setting their homes apart with a splashy painted door or dramatic house numbers. I mean, I also love it because it's very gay and has all its delicious restaurants and bars and stylish boutiques and whatnot, but it's just really beautiful to look at. The little numbered alleyways. Sigh.

We could easily see ourselves living there. Lucky for us, it's quick to get to. If the Pike's clear, we can get there in under 10 minutes. Speaking of driving, have I mentioned that way back before we moved, we sold one of our cars? We knew it wasn't worth it for us to transport both, and we already had to drive one here on our road trip, so M decided to sell her little commuter car and we agreed to see how we'd fare with just one car in our new town.

Well, it's been a breeze! We were a little afraid that it'd be a giant pain in the ass and we'd end up having to tighten our belts and add a new car note to a new mortgage payment and all the other expenses that come along with homeownership, but we haven't felt it at all since we moved. It's so walkable out here, and there's so much close by that we sometimes even find we haven't driven the one we do have for days and days! It's been a nice change, pleasant surprise, and certainly a smaller eco-footprint for us overall. Yay!

Alright, let's go over this outfit, shall we?

Plaid Coat: H&M Detachable Collar: JewelMint Sheepmeadow Sweater: Madewell Polka Dot Skirt: Gap Snakeskin Heels: Vince Camuto LV Clutch: Vintage

That's all for now, my dears! I've got to plan the perfect whale-watching outfit for tomorrow. It's going to be scarcely above 50°F, but sunny and calm on Cape Cod Bay off of the Plymouth Harbor. Tricky, tricky. The drive should be beautiful and I'm bringing my Big Boy lens in the hopes of capturing lots and lots of whales and wildlife on film! So excited! Hope y'all have a great weekend - I hear it's going to be in the 70s back home, like summertime all over!