Dots & Dashes

5-P2790230 We're halfway through July and I am around two outfit posts behind, I think. I will catch up soon, I promise!

We had a busy, busy weekend around here. It began with a Cambridge show headlined by the awesome all-girl post-punk band Savages from London on Friday night, went to a lovely afternoon work soiree thrown by M's new boss, then to a Bastille Day celebration that went on through the very wee hours of the morning. We wrapped it up yesterday over brunch with pals and a trip to the beach and lobster shack! So much fun, so many wonderful new (and old) faces.


Alas, mostly I am kind of heavy-hearted and at a loss for words after hearing about the Zimmerman trial outcome from Saturday night. I'm just not sure what folks think it's going to cost them to show compassion or restraint, at the very least, in the face of what is clearly a terrible racial injustice.

Earlier today I had to remind an extended family member that his white privilege allows him to forget that there are members of our family who are black and have to struggle with what that means on a daily basis. He implied that his sons could one day grow up and be in Trayvon's shoes themselves, which would maybe be hilarious if it weren't so horrifically misguided and ignorant. Not to mention patently false.

On a related note, having lived through the Oscar Grant and Occupy riots in Oakland, it was hard to wake up and see a town I love so much get trashed all over again.



So I need a bit of quiet, in fact perhaps many of us might.

This seems an apt time to tell you about Jennifer Siebel Newsom's newest project, The Mask You Live In. Now more than ever we need to take a crucial look at masculinity in America, and this new film hopes to examine it as closely as it did the media's misrepresentation of women and girls in Miss Representation. Some of you know I volunteered for them for half of 2012 and have never before worked with such an inspiring, powerful group of people. Their goal is to create a film "that sparks a national conversation around masculinity and ultimately creates a more balanced, equitable society for all," and I think that conversation is pivotal in moving this country forward.

We never seem to manage to do it quickly enough, do we?


Time for a summary report for Week Two of Refinery 29 31 Awesome Outfits To Copy All July Long!

Day 8: A pencil skirt with an embellished tee. Day 9:  Mixing stripes and florals. Day 10: Using my once a week pass to skip the quirky-romper-with-loafer combo, but here's a consolation link to an old romper get-up I once wore. Day 11: I need to circle back to this one - "a head-to-toe (alright, head-to-thigh) print" topped off with "a sharp pastel jacket." Day 12: "Yep, it's a simple T-shirt and shorts, but for days when you know it'll be chillier at night, wrap a thin sweater around your shoulders to combat the cold." Day 13: "Longer-length shorts with a pleated front...with an ornate top and very strappy sandals — pretty, right?"  Day 14: "Easy summer pants look chic with a low block heel. Tie up a summer scarf (ahem, ahem) in a complementary pattern." I'll post this one soon.

Look at that, I effectively combined Days 12-13 into one outfit! While I wouldn't call these shorts longer, per se, they are linen Michael Kors shorts in a basic solid black, and yes, they are pleated. By adding a simple t-shirt in polka dot linen and really cool mesh, strappy sandals, the effect is almost on the dressy side. (Too bad all I did was go to Home Depot and the swimming pool supply store.) My summer accessory go-tos, trusty Ray-Ban Clubmasters and this Madewell bag in contrasting polka dots, make an appearance again, along with a wrapped ponytail.

Also, our heat wave is back, so when they said it'd be "chillier" at night, I don't think they meant from the 90s to the low 80s. No sweaters or scarves here, please!