We woke up to the wonderful sound of rain falling softly on the roof and down the gutters, the morning light grey and dim. It made us hit the snooze button three times, pretty sure it's what caused us to eat dessert for breakfast, and why we decided to make a second batch of coffee around noon. It feels like Christmastime!

It's not, of course, it's Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day and 11/11/11 and also the day which most closely resembles corduroy and probably I've left something out, but there you go.

I'm just hoping it eases up by tomorrow morning, because we've got a two-hour horseback ride situation in Half Moon Bay, M & I. We're supposed to still show up if it's just drizzling a little bit, and I'm kind of hoping it does because it sounds dreamy. M would wear her puffer vest and I'd wear one of my faux fur ones with my Ralph Lauren sweater and riding boots and...oh! I'm getting carried away.

A friend of mine noted that it was a perfect day for listening to The Cure's Disintegration, so I did and it kicked off a little Cure-fest. It's such a fantastic record, and after it ended I popped in my DVD of The Cure's Greatest Hits videos. My favorites are Boys Don't Cry, Lovecats and Cut Here. Some days nothing but The Cure will do!

I love this outfit, it's all the dark browns and blues and different textures, I think. We're still in that lovely phase of Fall where bare legs still work as long as one is reasonably bundled up elsewhere, tights optional. Also, this ponytail makes my hair look ridiculously long. It's not that long, I just had it trimmed not long ago!

See my riding helmet? It's too tight. I need another one for my big old noggin', boo. The skirt is Ann Taylor and I adore it. It's the perfect hue of navy and has a little sheen to the quilted texture, and it fits like a glove. The pussy bow blouse is vintage and a lovely dove grey, the same exact color of today's sky! The wool blazer with elbow patches is from H&M L.O.G.G. and has the prettiest printed lining (pics below). It's a colorful kind of paisley with birds situation, really cute.

Y'all know these shoes by now, my Linea Paolo mega-babes, and how serious is this darling little satchel from Asos?! I'm still in love with it. We mean business.

Smoky blue ring from Pretty Penny, rawr necklace from Mariele Ivy. My Remington and pretty Zoya nails in Lo, a warm medium pink with just a smidgen of coral. I hope y'all have super fun weekends planned, check back soon for a little loverbird action - we have matching Everlane tees to show off, whee!