Dillon Beach

Hi! I don't know about you guys, but the first thing I think about when I see beautiful sand dunes oceanside and I'm not wearing any pants is FOOTBALL. Kidding. I'm wearing shorts. They're just so short you can't see them here. Also, it's obvious I don't know the first thing about how to throw a football, even after watching the entire show Friday Night Lights in less than two weeks this summer.

Maybe next year when we move to Boston and it's time for Fancy Pants' football practice I can, you know, observe. They won't mind. Right, Fancy? POWER GRAB!

But seriously, welcome to Dillon Beach. Isn't it pretty? The tomboy found this sweet little coastal town when she read that the Russian River had gross toxic algae levels and she was forced to look at other places nearby. Thank heavens, because Dillon Beach is perfect. With one general store (adorable little restaurant attached), beach house rentals galore, and a super dog-friendly population of only 283, it was a dream!

My amazing, gauzy white shirt is from the Sports Basement. SPORTS BASEMENT. Some things you should know about Sports Basement:

  1. All the lesbians are always at this store. Hot.
  2. They're only in the Bay Area, but you can buy from them online.
  3. It's totally not your regular sport-o store; they're very community and very "Bay Area"*. *Please see Julie Goldman's little deal on the Bay Area. 3:15. Here. You're welcome!

Anyway, I bought a shirt from the sport-o place. I even wore it to Mango once, tucked into a leather panel miniskirt and hot little studded ankle boots. It's not the kind of thing I own, but it's Hurley (apparently that's a thing, like a ski thing?) and gauzy, and to be frank I don't see a damn sporty thing about it. Not that there's anything wrong with sporty femmes. Rock it, sporty femmes! Own it. Work it. Werq. You do you, etc. I'm just not one of you.

(Skiing, tennis and horseback riding don't count. Oh, and that one time I went surfing. Um.)

That Bird! He and I frolicked in the Pacific Ocean for hours and hours. He's inexhaustible, and will leap fearlessly into the waves to fetch a stick or a ball. A real dog's dog, he is, when he's not terrified. I guess that's why we love it so when he jumps into the water - for once, he's so brave! Plus, he looks super funny all soaking wet. Like a skinny rat mop.

Wondering where the dingo is? Muzzled like a champ, tethered to a responsible human being somewhere nearby, and trembling with the urge to destroy all the other off-leash dogs and small children running by, kicking sand in his face. Bless it.

The striped suit is vintage, I picked it up off a sale rack in Cocoa Beach, FL earlier this summer. The shorts are Free People. The shiny perfect red nail polish on both fingers and toes is Jeffrey Campbell's "No You Din't". I'm also wearing my Three Sisters "femme" necklace and awesome rhodium "bamboo" hoop earrings by Lauren Adams. M saw these lobster print beach mats and had to have them - the built-in pillows are such a bonus.

God, September just flew by, don't you think? I hope October cools down, and stays awhile.