Strange Times

It's Friday, hot-cha-cha!

Last night I treated a dear friend to see a post-punk band we both love at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco, for his birthday. They're called The Chameleons (or The Chameleons UK or Chameleons Vox) and they're from Manchester, do you know of them? They've been around for ages, since I was just a wee diapered one-year-old (aka 1981), but they're still really incredible despite the years gone by.

Of course, I wasn't listening to them when I was one, but by the time I got to my mid-20s I'd smartened up a bit and was playing lots of post-punk (among other things) as a DJ. Their 1986 album, Strange Times, is my favorite, and their lovely song Tears has a special place in my heart.

Anyway, it was a fantastic night, but I skipped a day posting here! Hopefully the soft launch of my modest little Etsy shop (which I've been secretly laboring over for the last few weeks - see the screenshot of the shop below!) will make up for it. It's not quite fully up to snuff yet - I want to add accessories and I'll have some goodies for tomboys, too - but it's a start.

For now, I'm snuggled in for the night with my girls and pups, in charge of the cozy fire while the rain pitter-patters outside. I'll try and double up posts this weekend to make up for the missing one!