In defiance of the sun.

dsc01094 dsc010412 dsc01091 dsc01010 dsc01002 dsc01055 When: Wed., January 14th, 2008.

What: Black satin cocktail dress by Jenna. Black suede/patent cutout pumps, Calvin Klein. Feathered headband, Target.

Confession: My friend made this dress awhile back and it landed it my hot little hands. It's got an asymmetrical  hem with an awesome little tuxedo panel and the satin has a real heft to it. I took the neck, which is sort of drape-y, and pinned it to the side with a vintage brooch. I really like the result and I love the hem - it borders on saloon in the first photo, from that angle - but otherwise quite demure. Not bad, kittens!

Also, just for funsies: