Deep blue me.

dsc027031 dsc02707 dsc02715 dsc02721 dsc02737 When: Friday, February 6th, 2009.

What: James Jeans, black turtleneck sweater by Dolce Vita, vintage cropped wool coat with ruffled collar. Striped scarf by FCUK, boots by H&M.

Confession: Since this morning's exchange with a friend is AMAZING, I am sharing it. She has Sunday reservations at an extremely fancy restaurant in the wine country, where people wait years and years to get reservations. She needed a suitable necktie. I needed donuts. Enjoy!

Friend: i'm watching all movies i can with the french on's m'appelle jaque sparrow!9:41 AM me: BRING US DONUTS!Did that work?Why are you doing that?Also, you have boots.Friend: it might. would you loan me a tie for sunday?me: DORK.9:42 AM Absolutely.I have a mighty special vintage Yves Saint Laurent.Friend: wowme: M has knives and guns.There are many more to choose from.Friend: what kind of donuts do you want?are donuts as hard to find as pixy sticks?me: French Cruellers - chocolate, if they're there, or just two sugary ones and one each of maple and chocolate.No, two maple.9:43 AMNo chocolate.Og th eplain.No!They are easier.There is a donut place on Lala Ave.Friend: where on Lala?oh, and the stationary place is totally Between Peet's and the Laundromat.OH NOES!WHY DID THEY TAKE THEIR SIGNS DOWN?!That is so sad.Man.9:44 AM Friend: maybe they sold You are rad.Friend: i have filthy unwashed hair.i will need to feed a dog, put on pants, procure So, I'm not wearing a bra and look like a slob and have no makeup on.Yes and yes and yes.Friend: fine, then we'll all be GREAT!Spectacular.Friend: okay then, see you in a YAH! You are Lord.See you!

Yes, I spelled cruller wrong and yes, she arrived with a half dozen assortment of perfect deliciousness. No crullers, though. They were all out. Maybe I swabbed a little lip balm and mascara on before she got there; it was the kind thing to do, really. Even hobos deserve to feel pretty. I did not, however, put a bra on.